Sarah Kate Cummins

Sarah Kate Cummins has been exploring the realms of digital painting since she first came into contact with the technique. Her portraits capture the essence of her subjects, bringing them to life in a display of colour and emotion without a brush or pencil ever touching paper. She gives us some insight into her techniques and why she’s leaving our sunny shores for Ireland.   DIY: What sparked your journey into digital painting? is it as... Read More


On Saturday evening, Luke Smith went to watch new instrumental band,┬áStrage, play at the Broadcasts exhibition at KZNSA. After being blown away by the art, he gets destroyed by the sound. Read what he had to say after the jump. Durban’s creative scene has been on fire of late. Blame the water, the air, the supposed apathy being shoved aside, blame whatever. Fact of the matter is it’s something the city has been in desperate need of.... Read More