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Skate Your Laces Off

In the immortal words of Limp Bizkit: Keep rolling, rolling, rolling… Leah Jasmine spends a day with Durban’s Derby Dames.   When I think of contact sport I think immediately of rugby; the sweaty muscle tanks running around in very short shorts, slamming into each other with violent hugs and pinching each other’s bottoms, pedestalled […]

Walk the Walk: Sindile Vabaza on a Shift in Mindset

In this country, many men and women are not fully acclimated to the idea that a woman’s body is her own. Sindile Vabaza looks at how and why we need to change that.   Image source:   Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual Assault   I remember one December, a couple of years ago, when I was […]

From Lexicon to Lex Lafoy: How the Queenbird Took Flight

Lex Lafoy talks learning and unlearning, confidence and self-love, and making the shift from Lexicon the Poet to the Queen Bee of Honey Bass with Leah Jasmine.     As I step into Lex Lafoy’s house in Morningside I feel like I’m being hosted by someone who is wearing themselves like a jacket. Her gold […]

Chasing the Dream with Gavin Ferguson

Gavin Ferguson has been a staple on Durban’s gigging circuit for a few years now but few know what he gave up to pursue his dreams. Lisa Welsh gets to know the man behind the guitar.     Picture the sun slowly setting as you relax in a buzzing beachside bar, listening to the sound […]

Moving Pictures: Steve Jones, Afri Cine and the Culture of Doing it Yourself

For more than a decade, Steve Jones has been contributing to the local creative scene in the biggest and smallest of ways. His latest project, Afri Cine, is a monthly pop up cinema that focuses on bringing the best movies that you won’t find at your local cinema to our shores. Mitch Harper has a […]