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Push Push - Nicci St Bruce - Durban Is Yours

Listen To Push Push’s #FreePush EP

Breath and then rap, breath and then fucking rap.     If you’d told me three or four years ago, whenever it was I met Nicci St Bruce, that I’d be blogging about her rapping – in anything other than a negative way – I’d have shot you on the spot. I’m, like, super G. [...]

Oh Dark Arrow - Summer Slow Shit - Durban Is Yours

Oh! Dark Arrow release Summer Slow Shit

Cape Town’s newest rap crew are taking over with their second release in a year.     They’re calling this an EP but at 10 tracks, Oh! Dark Arrow have released pretty much an album as their second release of the year with Summer Slow Shit. Cats are on that mad hustle. It’s slightly less [...]

Diamond Thug - What I Think I Know - Durban Is Yours

Watch Diamond Thug’s What I Think I Know

Ah, the innocence of youth.     Remember those days you and your mates would play in the forest, scampering about with paint filled water pistols, hiding behind trees, dodging fire, having good old fashioned fun? Me neither, I’m a city kid, brought up on TV games and cellular telephones. But this video for Diamond [...]

Brawl of the Bands - Winston Pub - Durban Is Yours

Brawl ‘Til You Fall

  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls over the age of 18, let’s get ready to brawl. This Friday sees the start of the very first Winston Pub Brawl of the Bands, a 7 week long battle of 16 Durban bands from all across the genre spectrum, that sees the winners walking away with R10 [...]


Tess And Snowy In… Eat, Pray, Lift

You can’t keep Tess’s entrepreneurial spirit down.   You can follow Sheldon on twitter @SheldonBengtson and you can peep more of his work on his blog.