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Spotting the Durban Spotter

Through pursuing his passion, Malusi Msomi has gone from parking cars at the Elangeni Hotel to being the go-to-guy for automobile appreciation in Durban. Sthembelo Dlamini spent a day talking passionately about cars with the Durban Spotter.     My life is weird. And by weird I don’t mean bad. I mean it’s a little… unusual. […]

The Mile by Kevin Goss-Ross

If you’ve been reading this site since the beginning, you know we’re HUGE Kevin Goss-Ross fans.  The photographer recently returned home for a couple of months and took the time to document the people of Durban’s Golden Mile. The results are stunning.     The beach is a shared space in which people from all backgrounds, classes, […]

Hope to See, Want to See

Last Thursday for First Thursdays, Leah Jasmine attended two very different events. One was the opening of a swanky new property development, the other an exhibition of stowaway art. The juxtaposition left her shook.       It’s a First Thursday and I’m standing across from where an old building was recently demolished on Florida […]

Pollinator’s Fruit is Subtly Intricate

Jozi’s Pollinator recently came to town to launch their debut album, Fruit. If you missed it, not to worry, you can still hear the album. Recorded music is great like that. Evan van Zyl gave the lengthy yet diverse release a thorough listen so you know what to expect before you dig in.     […]

You Can Be Our Patron Saints

  Do you remember magazines? I know they still exist, I see them when I’m buying pies at the petrol station. But with the move to digital content, many have gone to the big recycling bin in the sky, to be used for ransom notes and toilet reading no more. There are a few who […]