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The Top 10 DIY Posts So Far

We’ve been doing the same thing for three years and in no way is that sad.     Bob here, I figure I should say a couple words bout DIY turning three. It’s a thing, right? Turning three? I mean, that’s more commitment than I’ve shown to anything, ever. I’ve had three girlfriends in that [...]

Front Row Matric Rage - Durban Is Yours

Matric Rage 2013: A Photo Retrospective

In our never ending quest for relevance, here are some photos that are eight months late.   If we had any real deadlines, this would be way passed due, but we don’t, so it’s not. It’s probably not the best time to post this, I mean, Matrics now are doing trials (right?) and they could [...]

carpe diy birthday

Come To Our Third Birthday Party (If you want)

  Holy shit. We actually survived three years of these blogging shenanigans. For a group of people who can barely commit to getting out of bed before noon, that this website is still going , is a truly remarkable feat. To celebrate this miraculous achievement, we’re taking over the Winston Pub this Thursday for Carpe [...]

Lights Out - PHFAT ft, JungFreud

Watch Lights Out by PHFAT ft. JungFreud

It’s not what you’re expecting…     In case you haven’t noticed, PHFAT are kind of blowing the fuck up right now. Like, they’ve always been there or there abouts but 2014 has seen them kick it up a notch with a tour to Australia, gigs all over SA all the damn time, a hit [...]

TessandSnowyinBeggarsBanquet (1)

Tess and Snowy in… Beggars Banquet

Don’t act like this isn’t you.   You can follow Sheldon on twitter @SheldonBengtson and you can peep more of his work on his blog.