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PHFAT is Dead, Long Live PHFAT & Narch Beats

And then there was one.     When PHFAT’s trio went down to a duo, many people wondered if they’d be as successful without Disco Izrael. Turns out they would be, more so than anyone except Mike Zietsman and Narch Beats expected, I think. Now, Facebook tells me that the duo are solo acts. This […]

Landlord Remax - Sibot

Sibot Blesses 420 With A Real Estate Agents Remix

Blessings on blessings. We hope you’re all enjoying your 420 and if you’re not, you’re about to – at least for the next 15 minutes. Many who are around the 30 year old mark will remember Real Estate Agents, Sibot and Markus Wormstorm’s pioneering electronic music project which still influences many South African producers to […]

Love Runs Out

Cash Runs Out

Bob Perfect chats to Roger Young via Facebook about his latest film, Love Runs Out. Learn about the struggles of crowd funding and the difference between partying and relapsing below.     DIY: The last time we chatted to you, you’d just put out a short film, Boat Girls, and were busy working on Love […]

nasty c - hell naw

Watch: ‘Hell Naw’ by Nasty C

We promise you folks, Sthembelo Dlamini has not been ranting about Nasty C for no reason.   I’d like to see Nasty C’s dream journal. If you ever got your hands on his list of goals and dreams and went forward only a little bit. Not too far forward, ‘cause I’m pretty sure paging too far […]

Make Overs - AWRY - Durban Is Yours

AWRY – Make-Overs

“How do you make so much music?” “We’re from Pretoria.”     There’s a second episode which means Are We Recording? Yeah is officially a web series! Who knew we could actually follow through on that sweet, sweet video content?   Episode 2 is sweet indeed with the adorable couple of Andreas and Martinique, aka […]