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Tess and Snowy in… Support

Tess’s cynicism knows no bounds. You can follow Sheldon on twitter @SheldonBengtson and you can peep more of his work on his blog.


DIFF Reviews: Future Sound of Mzansi

Bob Perfect leaves Spoek Mathambo’s doccie on South African electronic music wanting to dance. I still remember the first local electronic song that piqued my interest. I found Sibot’s Super Evil with Waddy Jones on one of those SL compilations which, up until then, were most notable to me for featuring a track by Candice [...]

Durban Palestine Day March

Durban Palestine Day March

  You can debate what’s going on in Palestine on Facebook all day or you can get out in the street and stand in solidarity with those who are being murdered on a daily basis. We at DIY are firmly against Israel’s actions and will be boycotting any product with a 729 bar code, such [...]

Thishiwe Ziqubu(Skiets) 8

DIFF 2014 Opening Weekend

 The 35th Durban International Film Fest is officially underway and we’re drowning in films. Here’s what we’ve seen so far. Bob here. We’ve made it through the opening weekend of the 35th edition of DIFF. Phew, it’s been chaotic, someone OD’d, another drowned in the pool at the Elangeni, Roger Young had a threesome… It’s [...]

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What We’re Watching At DIFF

Here’s a list of movies we wanna watch at the 35th Durban International Film Festival.     THE 35TH DURBAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST STARTS ON THURSDAY AND OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THE PROGRAMME?! No? Rookie. It’s chill, we went through all the films and made a selection of what we’re most keen to see so [...]