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Muzi Shares His Afrovision

Muzi’s Afrovision album is an “instant classic” according to Bob Perfect. He breaks down why he feels that way and finds out what other people at the listening session thought of the album after the jump.     Muzi’s an artist who I’ve admired for a while now. In fact, he’s the person I’ve interviewed […]

Revolting Fashion

It’s time to start thinking about where our clothes come from. Liandra van Staden fills us in on a revolution happening in fashion and how you can get involved.     Things are changing in the world of fashion. We never think change will happen until it does. Remember the first time someone told you they […]

RSVP to Durban’s Creative Colour Party

Misha Lee is tired of seeing her favourite things about Durban die, so she’s doing something about it. Check out their event submitted via Durban is Ours and tickle yourself pink, purple, blue, red…     EThekwini is a genius child fueled by spicy food and 5am sunrise surfs. She’s a vibrant vibe with the […]

Melted Podcast Ep2 – Grandpa Swamp

In the second episode of the Melted Podcast, we chat to a Swamp Thing from Cape Town looking to make Durban hearts sing.     Who is Grandpa Swamp, you ask? Grandpa Swamp is a shaggy-haired Capetonian who no doubt enjoys a little Mac DeMarco and used to go by the name of Darryn the […]

Exclusive: Watch Robin Thirdfloor’s Music Video for Ethekwini

Distinctly Durban and enticingly eThekwini, here’s Robin Thirdfloor’s music video for Ethekwini.     Here at DIY, we’ve been fans of Robin Thirdfloor for a minute. I mean, we put him in our list of acts to watch in 2017, so you should already be familiar. From his backpack rap teenage laments of empty pockets and the […]