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Is The Hilton Arts Festival Still a Thing?

South Africa’s most expensive private school hosts an art festival every year, and in 2018, overbearing yummy mummies in yoga pants got trashed by John Vlismas and the Drakensburg Boy’s Choir made everybody cry. Lumumba Mthembu and Niamh Walsh-Vorster saw the whole thing.     The organisers of the 2018 Hilton Arts Festival saw fit […]

Can Plants Help Us Decolonise?

Plants in their natural habitat are not static, but they do move very slowly. They’ve served as witnesses to our history, and have their own stories to tell.     To most people, plants grow in the abstract. In South Africa, we’re blessed with lush flora, so much so that during the period of colonisation […]

The Almost Perfect Podcast – Carvin Goldstone

Yup, we’ve started another podcast. This time our editor Bob Perfect goes one on one with successful(ish) people in an attempt to learn from their mistakes. First up, Carvin Goldstone.   I’ve been threatening to start this podcast for at least a year now but now you know, I don’t make threats, only promises. This […]

Durban Animators Making Moves – First Thursdays Focus

We all spent our early years lost in the vividly coloured and twisted cartoon worlds of Ghibli, Animaniacs and Walt Disney, but how many of us realised we could make worlds like that? The practice of animation actually predates cinematography, if we consider the manipulation of shadows over light projection to be considered early animation […]

KZNSA -Artists in Focus: Dane Stops

A young woman gazes up toward a pastel blue Durban sky. She has a sweet and gentle face. Below her, dinosaurs and figures of people pop in red and purple tones. This is the latest portrait painted on the side of the KZNSA Gallery wall. Digging a little deeper into the mind and hands that […]