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Tess and Snowy in… Music Festival

Yeah, we went there. And there. And there too…     You can follow Sheldon on twitter @SheldonBengtson and you can peep more of his work on his blog.

Drink This In - Luke and Chris Muller - Durban Is Yours

Drink This In

Two Durbanites decided to write a book about alcohol and since that’s pretty much exactly the kind of shit we’re interested in on this site, we had a chat with one of the authors, Luke Muller. Find out more about beer, addiction, history, partying and self-publishing below.    DIY: You and your brother (Chris Muller) [...]


Watch Give Me Your Time by Pussy Slap

Does David Thorpe have a day job? How does the dude make so much music? He’s in Beach Party, The Dollfins and Gateway Drugs, has previously released a solo EP, Summer Romance, and today, out of nowhere, put out a video for a new garage punk song under the moniker of “Pussy Slap”. According to [...]

Hide yo face - Russell Grant - Durban Is Yours

Why I’m Not Going To Splashy Fen 2014

After 8 years of Splashy in a row, Bob Perfect calls it quits on what was once his favourite music festival. This is why…   It should come as no surprise to anyone that, as we head in to Easter Weekend, I have not changed my mind about not going to Splashy Fen this year. [...]

Dead Hand - Peasant - Durban Is Yours

Listen to Dead Hand by Peasant

It’s probably a bit early to call it a resurgence, but there’s been a couple notable releases of short, angry and loud music being made in SA at the moment. The latest band to release their brand of metal laced hardcore is Peasant from Cape Town. The Dead Hand EP comes in at under 10 [...]