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DJ Fuego Heat

Top 10 of 2014 – DJ Fuego Heat

He’s got the power! Powerpoint that is. Here are DJ Fuego Heat’s top 10 Powerpoint creations of 2014.   So this year I had a lot less to be angry about. Yes, the white middle class are still up in arms about stupid shit, Steve Hofmeyer is still polluting our skies with a handful of [...]


Tess And Snowy Use Facebook

Accurate as always.   You can follow Sheldon on twitter @SheldonBengtson and you can peep more of his work on his blog.

Youthless - Shortstraw - Live The Venue - Durban Is Yours

Win Double Tickets To Shortstraw’s Album Launch

  In just seven years (yup, they’ve been going that long), Shortstraw have climbed to upper echelons of South Africa’s live music circuit. They’ve come a long way since singing about Keanu Reeves, they now sing about taking drugs and making money, that sorta thing. Anyway, they’re releasing their third full length album, Youthless, at [...]

Life Below - Cycles - Durban Is Yours

Durban Has A New Hardcore Band (Finally!)

MOSH!   THERE’S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN, JUST WATCH THE VIDEO AND MOSH!     Okay, cool, now that you’ve seen what’s on offer, here’s the low down as best as we know it: The band is called Life Below and it’s made up of some dudes who grew up in the Durban hardcore scene [...]

Nic - Monday Mob - Travis Cottrell - Durban Is Yours

Monday Mobbin’

Get a tattoo, everybody’s doing it.   Tattoos mean different things to different people. Mine mean I like having tattoos, yours might mean you like being reminded to have faith every time you look at your wrist. Some tribal tattoos might say you’re from a proud tribe with deep traditions others say you’re an unaware [...]