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M-Net Movies Comedy embraces YouTube for its stand up comedy month

    While most competitions require begging your friends for votes, M-Net Movies Comedy channel has taken a unique approach while showcasing its stand-up comedy festival in the month of September. M-Net Movies Comedy is giving local comedians the chance to win. Four up-and-coming comedians, Mojak Lehoko, Lazola Gola, Glen Biderman-Pam and Zakkiya Khan, created [...]

Heroes In A Nutshell - Veranda Panda - Ryan Janssens - Durban Is Yours

Heroes In A Nutshell: Veranda Panda

Bob Perfect and Bhashkar have a podcast. God help us all.     So this is a thing. A really cool thing, if we do say so ourselves. Bob Perfect and Bhashkar have teamed up to get in the podcast game so you mighty fine people can get to know the musicians and industry peeps [...]

DIY 3rd Birthday - Russell Grant - Durban Is Yours

Look At How Much Fun Our Birthday Was

We turned three, we had a small get together, here are some photos of that get together.   *All images © Russell Grant We’ll have more photos up on our Facebook soon soon.


Tess And Snowy Send Some Nudes

Topical af.   You can follow Sheldon on twitter @SheldonBengtson and you can peep more of his work on his blog.


The Top 10 DIY Posts So Far

We’ve been doing the same thing for three years and in no way is that sad.     Bob here, I figure I should say a couple words bout DIY turning three. It’s a thing, right? Turning three? I mean, that’s more commitment than I’ve shown to anything, ever. I’ve had three girlfriends in that [...]