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The Sisters Explore a Different Side to Fuzz with Systers

The Sisters have become known for pushing the boundaries of fuzz-laden psych rock and their latest EP continues the trend. Evan van Zyl gets all hyped up about it after the jump.     Look, I’m going to be honest here and say that this review was just going to be a declarative essay, stating […]

The 7 Best All Day Breakfast Spots in Durban

We know how hard it is to get a hangover breakfast at a time that is reasonable for a hangover breakfast. At some restaurants, egss and bacon magically become lunch foods at 11 am but never fear, Leah Jasmine breaks down 7 Durban eateries where you can break your fast on your own time.   […]

Van Pletzen are ‘The Lekkerness’

Between a satin bomber jacket, a Moot tee and one Woolworths packet filled with Famous Grouse – Charlene Dos Ramos sat down with two-piece band Van Pletzen at Lush. The topics of discussion: the semi-permanent state of being Kak Lekke, satire in music and of course, ‘The Lekkerness’.     It’s safe to say that […]

Hadeda Are Not Another Two-Piece Garage Band

Hadeda may seem like another two-piece garage band, but we promise you they’re not. Evan van Zyl breaks down the not a two-piece garage band’s mini EP, SNAKES.     As I mentioned in a tweet last week (which only got one favourite), I was busy sleeping on my bed, while you guys were busy […]

Nakhane’s You Will Not Die will Heal You

If you’re broken, Nakhane’s You Will Not Die will heal you. Russell Grant gets baptised in it’s healing waters.     When I first heard the new Nakhane album I did what I usually do the first time I listen to an album that I think is amazing: I tweet and rant to my friends […]