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drahgoon - Back to the Beach - Durban Is Yours

New Music: Back To The Beach Redo by Drahgoon

Back to the Beach and chill wave.     What’s chiller than being chill? This redo of Kyle Deutsch and Shekhinah’s Sketchy Bongo produced smash hit by relative newcomer, drahgoon. This may be the most chilliest, waviest chill wave we’ve ever heard. drahgoon has been low-key producing shit for a minute and taking his time to […]

Damn - Fantasma - Durban Is Yours

New Video: Damn! by Fantasma

A powerful piece that will “have you questioning the footsteps you follow”.     This video is heeeeectic! You are definitely going to feel a little fucked up after watching it, you might even say “Damn!” It’s a short music film titled ‘The Generation of Consequence’ by Paul Spiers set to Fantasma’s ‘Damn!’ and features […]

Aewon Wolf Fever artwork

New Music: Fever by Aewon Wolf

Another radio hit from the Wolfpack.     Durban’s Wolfpack have been waging all out war on the radio over the last few months and the onslaught continues with Aewon Wolf’s latest single. WTF’s ‘Nomusa’, Kyle Deutsch and Shekhinah’s ‘Back to the Beach’ and even Aewon’s ‘A Week Ago’ have all been on heavy rotation and ‘Fever’ […]

Deep Fried Man - Climate Change - Oppikoppi - Durban Is Yours

Climate Change According to Oppikoppi Jollers

“It’s a fuck up.”     It appears that Deep Fried Man is upping his viral video game now that E-TV have cancelled LNN (Go fuck yourselves E-TV.) Last week he reached out to Trevor Noah to explain just how Trevor means to him in a parody of Eminem’s “Stan”. This week he’s talking climate […]

Breeze - Zulu Bass King - Durban Is Yours

Breeze is the Zulu Bass King

The Zulu Bass King gonna have you head-banging violently according to Sthembelo Dlamini.   After months and month of waiting, the big homie Breeze FINALLY dropped his Zulu Bass King EP. To say this project was “highly anticipated” would be a major understatement! We’ve seen the boy putting in hours of hard work both in his music […]