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Van Pletzen release ‘Zaberfluten’ video

WATCH: Van Pletzen get high with SAPS in ‘Zaberfluten’

Afrikaans satire bromance of the century, Van Pletzen, is back with their latest music video Zaberfluten. Charlene Dos Ramos thinks this may be the highest point in the freshman release to date.     The video has everything you didn’t realise you needed, from “vegetable meat,” Schalk Bezuidenhout, Nik Nax grunts and a ton of […]

Hated Related Emigrated – An Interview with Barron Harley

After dropping a “really fucking good” Hated Related EP, Barron Harley bounced from sunny Durbs for cold and miserable Scotland. We were worried that that would be the end of Hated Related, but nah, they’re still making new music together when they’re in the same city. Barron was back in Durban recently so Evan van […]

A Tribe Called Zakifo

Zakifo is something special. An annual gathering of eclectic sounds, cultures, and people that unites open-minded South Africans in good times and great music. Sheshela Maduna shares his experience of the 4th edition of Durban’s Music Festival below.       Every now and then, Durban, the perennial slacker of the East Coast, sheds its bad rep of […]

Durban is Ours Call for Submissions: Pride

June is Pride month, so, naturally, we figured the Durban is Ours theme for this month should be Pride and what it means to you. As per usual, you can submit in any medium your heart desires, so long as we can actually post it on the blog. Our Durban Designer of the month Kyle […]

A Bitter Decade - Bittereinder - Durban Is Yours

How Bittereinder Survived A Bitter Decade

Things weren’t all that different 10 years ago. Or were they? Bittereinder have seen it all, so maybe they can offer some perspective. Charlene Charls Dos Ramos takes a look at the last decade with the Afrikaans electronic rap crew.       How do you do a successful interview with one of your favourite […]