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What Was The Kiffness Thinking?

Whether you love him, hate him, or are just kinda indifferent to him, David Scott of The Kiffness is going to keep getting onto your timeline.     If you’re one of the 2000+ masochists who follow me on twitter, you’d have noticed that taking the piss out of The Kiffness has become one of […]


No Flops, T.R.O are Back!

No flops, lighty.     You read right, the legendary 90s hip-hop crew from Newlands East are back, lighty. The Real Ones are probably most well known for their anthemic “Hey Ouens (Watkind?)“, that track had people of all races singing “Bruinous, bruinous, we are the main ous.” and featured more Durban slang than almost […]


Meet The Sun Xa Experiment

The world music collective will make you rethink your approach to music.     The Sun Xa Experiment are in town this week so we got Ryan van Rooyen to chat the experimental world music collective. This family of musicians takes such a fresh and unique approach to being a band that other musicians and […]


The Myths are a Real Band

Just like Pinocchio but with drums and guitars.     It feels like garage rock is becoming a bit of a thing in Durban. Hated Related recently put out a sick EP, Mouse are working on a few recordings, I heard Black Math have a vinyl release coming soon, and The Myths just put out the fuzz-laden […]

ByLwantsa by Erin Wulfohn

Who is ByLwansta?

He’s your new favourite rapper.     Lately, ByLwansta is all we ever hear about. Wherever we go, he’s either performing live, playing on the sound system, or being discussed. 3 years ago he left his hometown to take on the city, now the 21-year-old rapper from Kokstad is making a name for himself in […]