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Tess And Snowy’s Christmas Special

Aw, Baby Jesus has a beard.   You can follow Sheldon on twitter @SheldonBengtson and you can peep more of his work on his blog.

Pet Shop Boys Durban

Win Double Tickets To Pet Shop Boys

  Finally, East Cost Radio are bringing an act we actually want to see to Durban. The Pet Shop Boys will never not be relevant and they’re to this day, they’re still ahead of their time. Whether you want to hook your ballie up for Christmas or you’re a laaitie with good taste, we’ve got [...]

Majozi - Header - Durban Is Yours

Top 10 of 2014: Majozi

We asked Majozi to do a top 10 for us since he’s had a breakout year. We expected to hear about all the amazing experiences he’s been through  but the humble homie decided to share his shine and make his top 10 all about his favourite live performances this year. Check it out.     [...]

100 Days Alone - Hours - Durban Is Yours

Hours Release 100 Days Alone

This is some beautiful acoustic sad boy music.     Christmas is a time to be miserable. Let’s be honest, buying hand soaps for your racist aunt at a packed Gateway is no way to spend December. Luckily for you though, you now have a soundtrack to hate yourself and the world to. Those morose [...]

Umlilo - Chain Gang - Durban Is Yours

Watch Umlilo’s Chain Gang Music Video

 The music video for Umlilo’s second single is a high fashion funeral.     Yesterday City Press dropped this stunning video for Chain Gang by Umlilo, formerly Siya The Anarchist, which, “reveals this genre and gender-bending artist’s lush alter ego Rita and, in his/her own words, it is absolutely “to die for”.” Who is Rita? Well [...]