Unite Through Football | Video

Here’s a short video of what we got up to on Wednesday with the winner’s of the Unite Through Football competition. Yup, our Wednesday > your Wednesday.   Shout outs go to Street Scene and Spiga for putting everything together and providing us with a humdinger of a day. You can also win an opportunity to do this for the quarter-final with Kickoff magazine so click here and here and do AFCON in style.  Read More

Durban Interpreted

This year’s Interpret Durban was an absolute humdinger of a party. All that were there haven’t been able to shut up about it and neither has Bob Perfect, he shares his memories of the night with us after the jump.   Over the years the BAT Center has played host to some of the most memorable shows of my life and last Saturday, another hefty deposit was made into the memory bank. It felt good to return to the BAT Center for this year’s... Read More

Wear Durban

The winning designs from Interpret Durban have found their way onto T-shirts courtesy of O’neill and Street Scene. You can now wear your Durban pride on your chest.   If you have no idea what Interpret Durban is, firstly, shame on you, and secondly, you can read our article on the event here.   Now that that’s out the way, part of the event is a design competition that sees the best designs getting printed on T-Shirts and being... Read More

A Street Scene Tour

As part of the prize for coming second at Interpret Durban, Stathi Kougianos won a Street Scene Tour for himself and a couple of close mates. Russell Grant was one of those close mates and writes about their trip.   Our tour departed from the Corner Cafe at 9:36 on Saturday morning. We were supposed to leave at 9:30, but two of the original group were spending the day in hospital, forcing us to find replacements. One of the two had degloved... Read More