Desmond & The Tutus Mnusic Launch

Last Thursday, South Africa’s geeky indie darlings, Desmond & The Tutus,  came down the coast for a midweek gig that packed out Live. Eliza Day reviews the Tutus and Black Math’s performances.    I was interested to see what Desmond & The Tutus, the beloved Jozi band would bring with their new album, MNUSIC. I grew up listening to this band with the first wave of new millennium indie kids and was hoping that they had... Read More

The Stellas Live Charge The Pub

The Stellas recently hit up the trusty Winston Pub for the launch of thier new EP, Live Charge. They were supported by local shredders Black Math and Catlike Thieves. Russel Smith reviews the show and chats to The Stella’s for a bit. I don’t think I’ve bothered to watch a Catlike Thieves show for two years. I can’t recall the reasons for my aversion to witnessing them play again, but they were strong enough to get me to shun them for... Read More

Isochronous DVD Launch

Russell Grant enjoys listening to boys with girly voices and being blasted with confetti cannons whilst getting castrated at the Isochronous Live In Germany DVD launch with Asleep in Transit and Habit To.   There I was, as tender as flogged beef, exposed and awkward, in the middle of Live’s bulimic gut. An odd mix of ho-down ditty and 10th grade school function was playing through the speakers. It was 9 and the hall was still just about empty.... Read More

Albert Frost and Matt Vend

DJ Fuego Heat finds himself battling Durban’s greatest enemy, Apathy, with the help of Matt Vend and Albert Frost at Jackie Horner. Apathy. A Durban staple. Maybe it was the 18ºC evening (fresh by local standards) or the Johnnies sugar bean roti (a steal at R10) or the 3 car guard (jut) bongs that followed. It may have been a combination of all these factors, but either way, I unenthusiastically headed to Jackie Horner’s to watch Matt Vend... Read More

Apocalypse Just Now

Whilst we all wait for the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse, Eliza Day reviews Saturday night’s GMT featuring The Meditators.   Saturday night at Live is becoming a regular destination on the dance-cards of the kings and queens that are the Durban scene. Being a warehouse with an easy-to-eliminate exit on either side makes it the perfect environment for storage of valuables. The fact that it stores seething masses of human flesh every weekend,... Read More

1 Becomes 2 Becomes 3

We have new blood covering new arts today. Yup, we’ve finally convinced someone to try and bring a little culture to this site. Chris Tobo is our latest contributor, and he’ll be covering dance and theatre in Durbs for us. Chris recently attended 1 Becomes 2 Becomes 3 at Bulwer Park. These were his thoughts on the show.   When Flatfoot Dance Company calls itself KZN’s premier African contemporary dance company, you must know... Read More

Uber Cool Turns Three

Last Friday night, Ash Ketchum hit Origin for Uber Cool’s 3rd birthday shindig, featuring Das Kapital, PH Fat, and Haezer. He dug most of what he saw.   Since its inception, Uber Cool has done a great job of carving out a niche for themselves in the Durban party scene. It seems like they have their ear to the ground, and consistently bring down acts that get the kids down to the less savoury parts of Umbilo. They have succeeded in attracting... Read More

Henry Rollins

Recently, Henry Rollins, that guy that used to be in Black Flag but is now in 2012 (Where you at?) travelling the world doing TV shows for National Geographic and working on countless other projects, took the time to make Durban a stop on his spoken word world tour. Bob Perfect reviews the show.   Nobody knows this except a couple friends, but Henry Rollins actually had a part in this site existing. In January last year, Henry did a podcast... Read More

Pop Rocks, a Shadowclub Review

GMT seems to be back stronger than ever with two successful events in succession at Live. Their latest offering saw them bring the increasingly popular Shadowclub to the venue. Eliza Day takes the opportunity to wax lyrical on Pop and Rock and where the two meet. Shadowclub have been busy boys lately. Having seen the Joburg based band three times in Durban in as many months, the gig at Live – The Venue this past Saturday night has the rare... Read More

Dr. Fly and the Fairy Lights

 Saturday night saw newly reformed A Cappella group, Dr. Fly and The Nurses, perform an intimate show at St. Clements. Russell Grant wrote a few words on the show and took a couple photos too.   Last Saturday night St. Clements on Musgrave Rd. hosted a cappella trio Dr. Fly and the Nurses for one of those charming-evening-in-a-fairylit-courtyard things. The Nurses were, indeed, charming, whereas I can’t say as much for the venue. There... Read More

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