DIY Does DIFF, Again

Yup, it’s a sequel. We’re bringing you daily coverage of DIFF this week. Aren’t we nice? Today, Bob Perfect reviews This Is Not A Film, Russell Grant covers the Wavescape selections: Rebel Sessions and The Art Of Flight, and we welcome a guest writer, Jason Duvenage, who caught Beware of Mr Baker and Tyrannosaur over the weekend.   This Is Not A Film reviewed by Bob Perfect   After the last two days of being inspired,... Read More

Saturday Night (at) Live

Car Boot Vendors are back after nearly a year’s sabbatical, Anti Retro Vinyls just signed to Just Music and Fruit and Veggies, well, they’re Fruit and Veggies. The three of them played a show together on Saturday night at Live and Eliza Day was there to review the show.   Saturday night at Live was a platform for some uber powerful performances. The three bands on the bill were a smorgasbord of variety and each one delivered in... Read More

KONGOS and Anti-Retro Vinyls

As anyone that has turned on MK in the last month knows, KONGOS are touring our fine country. Friday night saw them playing to a packed Unit 11 crowd with Anti-Retro Vinyls. Russell Grant reviews the show.   The Anti-Retro Vinyls recently changed their name from The Otherwise, because it was shared by a band in the states. It was under this title that they were playing when I last saw them at Burn some years ago. I enjoyed them then; they had... Read More

Julian Redpath at Unit 11

After going on a musical adventure to England for a couple weeks, Matt Knight returns home to Durban to catch yet another world class performance, this time at Unit 11 by Julian Redpath.   I’m a big believer that folk music is the most honest and exposing of all the genres.  What I mean is that it is fairly hard to get away with shallow lyrics, okay-ish concepts or mediocre musicianship with the amount of open space and sensitivity that exists... Read More

Glitch Odyssey

Why would we get someone who hates clubs and DJ’s to write a review on DJ’s at a club? Because they’re probably going to be a lot more honest in their review. Luke Smith hit Origin on Friday night to give a listen to Narch and Niskerone at Uber Cool’s Glitch Odyssey party.   I’m not a fan of nightclubs. I hate them, loathe them, put them on par with Crocs and popped collars. Sure, I enjoy alcohol, hanging out with... Read More

Catlike Thieves and Taxi Violence

On Saturday night, Bob Perfect watched local act Catlike Thieves and Cape Town favourites Taxi Violence at Unit 11. He left feeling uninspired, here’s why.   On Sunday night I watched a movie called The Last Hitman. It stars nobody you know and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re looking to procrastinate writing a review.   The name is quite deceptive, since it’s quite clear from the first ten minutes that the antagonist... Read More

Interpret Durban

On Friday night, City Hall played home to Interpret Durban. There’s a good chance you already knew that, since you were probably there. Here’s Russell Grant’s take on the evening. It felt like we had dug our way into the house of a deceased master, like fabled mice playing in the cats’ absence, although not without gentle reminders of their omnipresence: portraits of JZ and James Nxumalo hanging behind the hot-dog stand. The... Read More