Pretty Blue Guns w/Coals of Juniper 2

If you disagreed with Russel Smith review, you’re in luck, we have a second opinion. Ry Short laments on his 800 words… 800 words. Count ‘em. Eight hundred. it’s not a lot. It’s shorter than the average uni essay and a hell of a lot less than those guys on Mahala get given. So when I was asked to do a write up of Saturday night’s show at Unit 11 and given an 800 word limit I wasn’t too fazed. 100 words on the venue, 200... Read More

Pretty Blue Guns w/Coals of Juniper

It’s a two for Tuesday review day. Don’t ask me how it happened, but it seems we got two of the most negative bastards to review the Pretty Blue Guns show at Unit 11 on Saturday. First up, here’s what Russel Smith had to say. It’s a Saturday night, and where else is there to go to get shit-faced in good company and listen to music that won’t make you violently sick on yourself? Depending on your taste, a few places, but I opted... Read More