Rather Be Dead: A Photo Essay

Some events you just have to be there for, the Moon Landing, Mandela being set free, G!G!B’s last show… But sometimes life gets in the way and you just can’t make it. If you were one of the poor souls to miss Saturday’s show at The Winston, Xavier Vahed’s shots will make you feel like you were right there in the pit, drenched in sweat, getting punched in the face and stage diving with reckless abandon.     Wanna... Read More

Humans of Durban

This month HOD headed down to South Beach where they were given Hare Krishna pamphlets by a Jewish Muslim, talked up at the local bar, and confused the crap out of the Tafta residents. Enjoy.   “I live at Tafta. Are you Paula from Tafta? You look like Paula. Go take someone else’s picture.” “My family is in Malawi. I send them money every month. Hopefully I will visit them in January” “I get my inspiration... Read More

Dodgeball 2012

For 6 years, Dodgeball has been the highlight of the UKZN party calendar. We bid farewell to an institution in this photo feature by Russell Grant. Dodgeball, proof that not all parties are created equal.   Durban’s sexiest canoe club hosted (for possibly the last time EVER) their 6th Annual Dodgeball Contest a couple weeks back. This year it was a day-drunk edition (due to venue changes and lack of lighting), so the contest kicked off... Read More