Miss Molly

We’re a pretty fashionable bunch at DIY, we even know what colour blocking is, but when it comes to fashion in Durban, one blogger is ahead of the curve. We chatted to Melissa Kieser about the dos and don’ts of blogging and staying fashionable in Durban.   DIY: First off, can we get a little background info on who are you and what you do? Melissa: My name is Melissa Kieser, recently married, happy girl living in Durban. I spend... Read More

Pastel Heart

You may have seen Pastel Heart’s trippy large scale murals around the streets of Durban or seen his flashy fashion pieces on one of your friends. Nonetheless, this man believes in creating beauty, passion and art from his soul.   DIY: Who is Pastel Heart? Is it just a play on your surname? How do you identify with the words and their respective connotations? Pastel: Pastel heart is a visual South African Artist, exploring working in the mediums... Read More