Vote DIY! Or Die!

Okay, we’re not gonna actually kill you. But it would be rather nice of you to vote for us to win the Super M Blogger Comp which will see Bob and Nick kicking it to Ibiza to bring you the greatest story ever written. Or at the very least, it’ll be pretty good, hopefully. We’re up against some of the biggest blogs in the country and while they have a lot of followers, this is Durban, we don’t follow, we team up and kick ass.   It’s... Read More

1st Birthday Party Photos

Not the most original title, but whatever, I’m still hanging from Thursday. The always awesome Russell Grant took some shots of the good times, here are a couple of them, the rest will be on Facebook later. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone that pulled through, what a jol.       We won’t be DJ’ing but Heat City Nights, are teaming up with Uber Cool to bring you a bigger, bassier and better party at Live tonight.... Read More

It’s Our Birthday (Party)!

Awwwww yeah! Although our birthday is officially on Sunday, tonight is our party since years of bunking school/work has taught me that it’s way easier to bail on a Friday than a Monday. As the wolf says, the DIY crew will be DJ’ing tonight and that means you’re going to be cutting a rug all night long. We’ve procured a bottle of Tequila to dish out at the door and there’re R15 Draughts and R10 Bells so ya’ll be... Read More