Desmond Does Durban

Our favourite heathen, Russel Smith, returns to gigs and writing reviews for us, bands and ladies beware. He kicks off his return with a few choice words on Desmond and The Tutus recent gig at Live.     Having been out the of the loop on the live music front for a spell, it was a bittersweet reunion to find myself surrounded by familiar sweaty bodies and some new ones all eagerly anticipating the evening’s bill of entertainment at... Read More

Anchors Up Release Debut Album

Anchors Up are probably South Africa’s first ever Alt Country super group, made up of Keagan and Marc from Fire Through The Window, Jacques and Gavin from Wrestlerish and the new guy, Ruan. They’ve just released their first album for download and you can pay whatever you’d like for it. Ain’t that sweet. Kick in a couple shekles if you can afford it, but if not, make sure you catch them when they’re on tour. Give it a... Read More

New Fire Through The Window Video : Succubus

The gal and lads from Fire Through The Window have been hitting the gym and released their new video for their single Succubus, just to show off their moves. Check it out.  Read More

Sum 41 in Durban: Apocalypse Now?

Everyone seems to think that this week’s violent protests in London began with the murder of a young lad named Mark Duggan by police. We at Durban Is Yours, however, know better. We know the volatile boiling pot that forms when young people gather to drink beer and watch rock music. We now know what happens when said rock music is yanked so brazenly from their rain-drenched hands: A catastrophe with clearly global consequences.┬áBy Russell Grant   Much... Read More