Win Free Entry To G!G!B’s Last Show!

  And now, the is near, and G!G!B face the final curtain.  They’ve said it clear, they stated their case, of which they were certain. They’ve lived a life that’s full and traveled each and ev’ry highway, and more, much more than this, they did it their way. You get to witness them do it their way one last time this Saturday at The Winston with Conqueror, Strage and Black Math, and because they hate money, they’ve... Read More

Go! Go! Bronco – The Tide | Free Download

  They did it, they finally did it. After 6 years of being together, G!G!B have released an album and it’s worth the wait. Nine tracks of rock ‘n roll and metal influenced hardcore that’ll have you moshing, so be careful where you listen to this, you could knock somebody’s teeth out. Give it a listen below and if you dig it, you can download it for free.         This Saturday will be G!G!B’s... Read More

Anchors Up

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that Anchors Up, SA’s first and only Alt Country super group, recently dropped their debut album online. We caught up with Marc de la Querra and asked him about how a band of musicians that live all over the country came together, juggling between other bands and why they decided to make Country music.     DIY: For those who don’t know, who is involved in Anchors Up &... Read More

DIY Presents: Veranda Panda – Salmon Rose

Veranda Panda really shouldn’t be new to anyone that visits this site. The violinist/DJ combo have been making a name for themselves countrywide this year after dropping The White EP and now they’re about to release their latest EP, The Black EP. They were gracious enough to share the opening track of The Black EP, Salmon Rose, with us, and we naturally had to pass it on to you. Give it a listen below, and if you like it, 88 of you will... Read More

Anchors Up Release Debut Album

Anchors Up are probably South Africa’s first ever Alt Country super group, made up of Keagan and Marc from Fire Through The Window, Jacques and Gavin from Wrestlerish and the new guy, Ruan. They’ve just released their first album for download and you can pay whatever you’d like for it. Ain’t that sweet. Kick in a couple shekles if you can afford it, but if not, make sure you catch them when they’re on tour. Give it a... Read More

New Veranda Panda Mix (Download)

One of Durban’s finest Bass driven DJ’s, Veranda Panda, has put this 12 minute smash up online and we think it’s perfect to get you amped for the weekend. Beautiful Ugly Bassmix by Veranda_Panda It’s downloadable for the first 100 people so if you dig it, grab it for free. BASS. FACE. BLACKOUT. FROTH.  Read More

Free Download: Banana Clip by D’urban Knights

Part of the vibe here at DIY, is showing you the cool vibes that you’re missing out on. This track is one such vibe. Banana Clip – D’urban Knights by DurbanIsYours   Marcus, Viv and Genie form the D’urban Knights, 3 cats making drain rat music, straight from the streets (Don’t confuse it). They’ll be jamming at Interpret Durban next Friday so to get you amped for their show, we’re putting their debut... Read More