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The State of the Blog Address

    Hi there, Bob Perfect here. I’m the editor of this dubious slice of Durban life. It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on here so I figured I’d fill you in on what’s been going on.   When we started DIY, the goal was to contribute to the Durban creative scene by […]

10 Durban Acts to Watch in 2017

Bob Perfect takes a look at the next wave of Durban musicians dragging us into the future.   The Durban music scene feels like it’s in a transitional phase where the youth are taking the reigns and riding into the future, dragging the rest of us along with them. If you listened to Kanye, the […]

Five Questions With Rosie Parade

Rosie Parade is a beat slinging bad bitch.     Five’s alive, or a jive, depending on what set of rules you use for Kings. Either way, it’s time once again to get to know a dope human being who is also a dope human doing dope things. It’s dope all the way down. This […]

Pure Has No Secrets

The ex-Fruits and Veggies and The Pranks frontwoman is finally going solo.     About damn time. That’s all I can think watching this Kyle Lewis directed video of the stripped down reinvention of Purity Mkhize (Fruits and Veggies, The Pranks), who now goes by the name she’s been affectionately called for years, Pure. Pure […]

Durban’s asleep in the sunlight. It’s time to wake up.

Thoughts of an 031 expat   About a year ago, I took a break from all day ad life to work on a couple of projects which required me to be in Durban some of the time. Great, I thought! I can plug back into things, make some new connections and live a young creative’s […]