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WATCH: Missu & Red Robyn Drop Dilemma Video

Here’s the music video for Dilemma by Missu & Red Robyn. We’re kind of playing it on repeat right now.     Missu & Red Robyn were both on our list of acts to watch last year, and we’ve been waiting for some decent pop to come out of Durban for a minute. Of course, this […]

How to Celebrate Durban #Pride 2018

Pride celebrations are mounting globally in the month of June, and this week, it’s Durban’s time to shine, sparkle, glitter, all of it honey, because Durban Pride isn’t all that’s going down this weekend.   Durban isn’t exactly the gay capital of the world. Hell, it’s not the gay capital of the country. Not even […]

Live from The Winston – Where’s My Cat?

Neil Green and Bob Perfect are back to argue with each other once more and this time they’re joined by Carvin Goldstone.     So we got Carvin Goldstone in for the 4th episode of Live from The Winston, thinking that just his presence would make us sound smarter and more sensible in general and […]

Man Walks Into a Bar – An Interactive Murder Mystery

DIY’s own video guy Matthew Cuthbert has made an interactive murder mystery short film that’ll have you watching and rewatching until you’ve exhausted all possible outcomes.   Remember books? Books used to be so cool. They’re all gone now. It’s tragic, but at least we saved the trees. Oh, we didn’t save the trees? Fuck. […]

Jaedon Daniel Has The Keys To His Future

Jaedon Daniel is a creative force who is steadily taking over Durban from behind his keyboard. Bob Perfect chats to the young maestro about his musical upbringing, collaboration and so much more.     If you’re a young, talented musician in Durban, and you need someone to add a deft touch of keys to your […]