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Turn To Paige: Good Vibes And Music

If you’ve peeped her IG or read the interview with her on 10 and 5, you know Paige Furness has an eye for what’s good. That’s why we’ve given her a monthly feature to shoot whatever and whoever she thinks is cool that month. This month, it’s the Good Vibes and Music crew who have […]

Taken For Granted: Durban’s Hollywood Problem

We’ve given Russell Grant a monthly column to talk about whatever he sees fit. In his first column, he tries to tackle an issue that’s pervasive around the world from a grass-roots level.       Much of my time leading up to this, my first column, has been spent trying to decide what to […]

Sipho Has The Gift But Will It Bring Success?

There’s no doubt that Sipho The Gift can rap but in an industry where success isn’t determined by talent, is it enough? Sthembelo Dlamini breaks down Sipho’s first release after a long hiatus.     It’s been 3 years since K.O. dropped Cara Cara and changed the landscape of South African mainstream hip-hop forever, by […]

Lady Kill

In the spirit of Halloween, Leah Jasmine shares this terrifying tale of what happened to a bad dude with terrible tattoos.     Jonty liked many things. He liked the way streetlights glowed in winter, illuminating the mist on the street. He liked to map out the monsters he saw in the billows of fog […]

The Party Never Ends With Common Creatives

Losing half the members usually means the end for most bands but the party never ends with Common Creatives. Evan van Zyl chats to two of the original members of the band about their evolution and their brand new single, Apathy.     You’ve been to house parties in Durban. You know who Common Creatives […]