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Yes, Wakanda Forever, but why not South Africa Forever?

After watching the imaginative tour de force that is Black Panther, Sindile Vabaza thinks about the lessons of the movie and how they relate to South Africa’s future.     Black Panther is, on its own merits, quite simply the best Marvel film to date.   For 2 odd hours, I went on an imaginative […]

The South African Artists on the Black Panther Soundtrack

Yeah, you’ve seen Black Panther 3 times already, but have you listened to the soundtrack? It features some of SA’s top talent alongside Top Dawg Entertainment’s best. Sthembelo Dlamini breaks down the tracks by the South African artists so your ears know what to expect.     Have you seen black panther yet? If not […]

It’s the Time of the Writer

Calling all bookworms, poetry lovers and fanatics of the written word, Time of the Writer is back.     In the immortal words of Grandmaster Flash: You know what time it is. It’s time for the 21st edition of Time of the Writer, coming at ya from the 12th to the 17th of March at […]

Victoria Raw Opens Up About Edith Benson

She’s a speech and drama teacher. A model. An incredible neo-soul vocalist and a warm, beautiful soul. Victoria Raw. She’s a force to be reckoned with. This Sunday, Victoria is hosting a fundraiser for the Edith Benson Children’s Home, Lisa Welsh finds out what motivated her to do so below.   You could be forgiven for […]

Busy B.A.E

Since making Evan van Zyl’s illustrious Top 10 Alternative Releases of 2017, the Bad Ass Execs have decided to make a run for the 2018 list early. They’ve put out two music videos, a cover of a song with a title that clearly isn’t of this time, and an original single that may or may […]