Our Vibe

Welcome to Durban is Yours, shot for pulling in. This is our attempt to be the kind of blog we want to see in the world. We’re a young, alternative crew of misfits who write about the people, places and events in Durban that we’re into, like catching a sweet up and coming band at a sweaty pub gig or chatting to young creative kids with sick ideas. We’re not too phased about what’s happening in the mainstream. We like to focus on the lowbrow and underground art and music scenes. So, not whatever is on East Coast Radio these days. We’re mostly posi but we’re not going to blow smoke up your ass, we call things how we see them and often say things that even we find questionable. We’re young, we don’t know better. Hope you enjoy our vibe and check out the site again, we’re always up to no good and put our bunny and beer laced opinions out there regularly. Now go check out the rest of the site and find your new favourite bands and artists.


P.S. We are not journalists. Promise.