Live from The Winston – Where’s My Cat?

Neil Green and Bob Perfect are back to argue with each other once more and this time they’re joined by Carvin Goldstone.



So we got Carvin Goldstone in for the 4th episode of Live from The Winston, thinking that just his presence would make us sound smarter and more sensible in general and that he would curb our instincts to say controversial shit. That did not happen. At all. Instead, things get more out of hand as we discuss:

AKA’s new album for 18mins without discussing the music at all.
Who’s really responsible for animal sacrifices.
Whether we have to be sad that XXXTentacion Died.
The Mail & Guardian.
Capitalising on ‘Wokeness’ and MUCH MORE!

It’s loud and screechy and full of swearing, so you know it’s good.

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