Live from The Winston – Episode 2

Things get properly messy in the 2nd episode of Live from The Winston with Neil Green and Bob Perfect.

I’m not really sure whose idea it was to host a podcast in a bar, but it was fucking genius/stupid (you’ll have to listen to decide). We derailed ourselves for the first half and then got properly derailed in the second half by a, um, surprise guest. Things started out ok and ended with a self-aware racist heckler causing it to implode in on itself. It was super messy but highly entertaining so we refuse to edit it or cut it out.

Before that happened we managed to discuss:
Drake and Pusha T (we recorded last Wednesday so it wasn’t done to death then – even if it is kind of now)
Why Drug Dealers Love Dragonball Z
How Internet Cafes Worked
Pokemon Go
Acting in Sci-Fi Films
And, according to Neil, I managed to squirm away from having to answer what does it mean to support local for REAL, so we’ll probably get into that again another time.



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