Melted Podcast Ep2 – Grandpa Swamp

In the second episode of the Melted Podcast, we chat to a Swamp Thing from Cape Town looking to make Durban hearts sing.



Who is Grandpa Swamp, you ask? Grandpa Swamp is a shaggy-haired Capetonian who no doubt enjoys a little Mac DeMarco and used to go by the name of Darryn the Wizard.


But DIY, why are you interviewing a Capetonian we’ve never heard of? Well, firstly, because he wants to move to Durban, which is rare for a Capetonian. Secondly, he’s in a band called Thee Loopholes with Tyla Burnett, who is a Durbanite, so it counts for something. Thirdly, the whole point of this site is to put you on to artists you don’t know yet. You already know AKA’s thoughts on everything, but do you know why an independent young musician would move TO Durban instead of running away from it? Didn’t think so.


We got to know this laidback singer/songwriter whilst he was in Durban to record with Cam Lofstrand AKA The Cam. You can watch the Youtube video to watch live performances of Meadows and Flowers as well as catch the interview, or just use the Soundcloud link if you don’t care for visuals.



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