Live from The Winston – Another DIY Podcast

Inspired by Marvel’s domination of the box office, we’re expanding our podcast universe with another franchise. We present to you franchise number 2 in phase one of the DIY Podcast Universe: Live from The Winston.



As is DIY tradition, we’re going in hard on a trend about 5 years too late.  Not satisfied with just one rambly mess of a podcast with Melted, we’ve started a ramblier, messier audio offering in the form of Live from The Winston. Live from The Winston is a podcast in which Neil Green and Bob Perfect (hey, that’s me) spend a ridiculous amount of time discussing things very few people care about- VERY passionately! It’s about nothing in particular and everything in general. Neil Green and myself are gonna get together every week before Underground Comedy at The Winston to loosely discuss music, pop culture, and whatever is popping that week. Last week we got into a whole slew of topics including Frank Herbert vs L Ron, Drake vs Everybody, Why Cassper actually won the “Battle” with AKA,
Shane Eagle, Vee Logs, Wrestling (a LOT of Wrestling, way more than we planned) and other stuff, which you can hear below. 
It’s frantic, incoherent and wildly inappropriate. We think you will like it…


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