Exclusive: Watch Robin Thirdfloor’s Music Video for Ethekwini

Distinctly Durban and enticingly eThekwini, here’s Robin Thirdfloor’s music video for Ethekwini.



Here at DIY, we’ve been fans of Robin Thirdfloor for a minute. I mean, we put him in our list of acts to watch in 2017, so you should already be familiar. From his backpack rap teenage laments of empty pockets and the sounds (or lack thereof) that they make to his more assertive kwaito influenced Bhotela EP, the young rapper has shown himself to be ever-growing and adaptable, whilst remaining relatable.


Robin’s sound is distinctly Durban and enticingly eThekwini so it makes sense that he’d put out a track called ‘Ethekwini’, and make a video for it that celebrates the city and its uniqueness by taking you on a day in the life of a “Durban Superstar”. Being a “Durban Superstar” is vastly different to being a superstar anywhere else. It entails mapping a bunny chow and cruising around town by foot, so Mr. Thirdfloor remains firmly rooted to the streets despite his growing success. You might also spot a handsome Editor in Chief/Radio Host making a cameo because nepotism and South Africans are like cheese and wine.


Check out the video for the single below, exclusively right here on DIY (until everyone else rushes to share it on their own blogs – plz link back, thanks).



3 Responses to “Exclusive: Watch Robin Thirdfloor’s Music Video for Ethekwini”
  1. Khulay Mkhiva says:

    Iyona iyona iyona!!!! Beautiful one njayam…! #Ethekwini

  2. Tantrik says:

    Song is vastly expressive of a typical day indeed and capturing the essence of what it is to be a ringing Superstar…Robinthirdfloor definitely did so in this case…keep up the good work hopefully ur Album makes u a household name before the end of this yeah
    Blessings in Abundance bro

  3. nymless says:

    This track goes deep and I am not even from Durban, but I stan real hard. Well done to Robin and the team! Now …..when is the best time to visit eThekwini?

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