Sokool’s Pick of the Month: IV and Neptune – Still Waters EP

SoKool knows whats up. This is evident by her Move Hip Hop blog, the fact that she produces for The Fresh Cut on Gagasi FM, and by her sweat-inducing DJ sets at the dopest jols around the city. That’s why we asked her to write about what she’s been bumping each month so you can know what’s up too. First up: IV and Neptune’s Still Waters EP.



IV and Neptune have become a persistent presence in the Durban rap sphere ever since they surfaced in 2015. I first heard them in a single where they were featured by Stanky Dj in a song titled Suka Phamb Kwami. They just sounded like every other young rapper trying to rap at the time. Two years after that feature, I heard them again in a song they had released titled Already Know. I was impressed by how playful and melodic their flow and delivery was and I’ve had them on my radar ever since.


The Durban duo has released an EP called Still Waters and it oozes a buoyant vibe to it that has been a prevalent element in all the music they’ve released thus far. The 8 track EP boasts a selection of fun, sparse beats that have a definitive melodic backbone. The midtempo production on this EP allows for both IV and Neptune to showcase their charismatic and swaggy cadence and it is this charismatic feel to their delivery that keeps the EP from sounding monotone.


The intro of the EP, the title track Still Waters, sets the EP’s tone with its atmospheric, lightheartedness. It evokes a sense of ease in the listener and gives the listener some assurance that they are in for a beautiful listen. Throughout the EP I could make out that there was a lot more value placed on the flow and atmosphere rather than content or lyrics. The songs were fun but sometimes void of substance and because of this, I’d find myself drifting off into the instrumental rather than appreciating the music on the EP as a whole.


Hip-hop music has become more about how it makes you feel these days more than anything else. Still Waters EP is a feel-good project with infectious sing-song catchy phrases and lingering melodies. It’s an exciting first attempt at a project that gave me a glimpse into what the duo is capable of.


Give it a listen for yourself.



If you dig it, buy it from iTunes.

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  1. sokoolest says:

    Great idea to get SoKool to contribute! She’s the baddest bitch and knows her shit.
    More like this DIY, the tracks are flames.

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