Paige’s Top 10 Photos Of 2017

Considering 2017 has been a pretty bleak year, we asked Paige Furness to fill the end of our year with her dreamy colours by selecting her 10 favourite photos that she took this year. Enjoy.



While I’ve been taking photos on cellphones for as long as they’ve had cameras, 2017 was my first year of “real” camera life and it’s been a game changer in all the best ways. This 64 gig memory card has been the only diary I haven’t actually given up on. I still use my phone to photograph a lot, too, but having my cute little Fuji x70 has allowed me to play around a lot more. It has a crack in the screen and a couple dents so far, but that’s just a reminder that we have truly been on all kinds of adventures this year. 


My Top 10 favourite snaps of the year are mostly of people along the way, with a few other scenes that filled time.





Vic is a gorgeous songbird who is part of the Blvck Crystals. We spent a day at my mom’s house, taking photos in different rooms. She’s a natural. Her, myself, and Mia hung out and chatted and bounced ideas around throughout the day. It was so much fun. I want to work in girl gangs more and as much as possible.

(Girls who also want to play any part in this, hmu? <3)





Also taken at my mom’s house that same day. This was more of a quick test shot that I only looked at a month later. Maybe my fav frame yet.





I’m pretty sure Mia’s bathroom was based off an actual dollhouse. Pink-tiled in its entirety, I obviously fell in love when I  first walked in and knew we had to take advantage some day. We ended up sitting in the bath 99% of the time, getting this shot and others that we wanted.

Mia did her makeup, and our phone torches + a few candles set the mood. This might be my favourite photo I’ve taken to date.







My little brother on a colder Sunday, halfway through the year. I was really feeling these feels at the time.





Here’s Bob, who needed a press shot, and then we ended up getting one of my favourite photos, with all the colours I wanted.





This is Josh, aka ujochi, aka Palmdrive, who makes beats. We had been planning a shoot for a while, except without a plan. This was a fraction of a long-ass shoot/adventure day at Gateway. Mia brought some props, and we turned Josh into the future for this shot. I was quite happy about it.






Almost a daily sight, except this night I arrived home later, just as the moon was asking to be photographed.


Cape Town



What I enjoy about this photo is the framing. We were walking along the promenade this day, taking photos during a super cool and super scenic holiday in Cape Town. 






Another (unlikely) day at the beach, another hypnosis by the shiny ocean. But really, one of my favourite things to do is take photos of the light reflecting off of water, and out of the many, many, many, many, many, maaaaany that I’ve taken, this is my fav.


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