Durban is Ours – A Call for Submissions



Hi, I’m Leah Jasmine and I’m the new sub-editor here at Durban is Yours. You may recognise me from all the gigs you’ve ever played in this town. I’ve been around for a bit, and even though I escaped to the big smoke once or twice, something about Durban keeps bringing me back. I don’t think it’s the beach, or the daytime eating options, or even the jols that keep me rooted here. It’s you. Yes, you. The glorious people who make up this place keep me here year after year because there’s something about a Durban person that sets you apart from the rest of the country’s madness.


We have our own kind of madness. It’s true. The kind of madness born out of frustration that only 10 people came to your show. Insanity from heat and sweat and mixing substances. Crazy from scouting in desperation for something you haven’t seen before. You can see it in our eyes, the hunger from the starvation for something new. You can see it in the way we celebrate new people and binge on new bands. Here in the subtropics, our ache for masala pineapple freshness drives us mad.


I know you feel it too.


For too long you’ve been told what’s hip, hop and happening by an echo chamber dictatorship, but you don’t need anyone to tell you what’s cool. You already know what’s cool, because you’re cool (even if you live under a rock. It’s cool) and we want to know what you think is cool. Because if we work together, we could be super cool (even though there is literally nothing less cool than saying the word cool 8 times in a row.).


Anyway, I’ve been challenged with the task of making the city of Durban submit to me. Well, not to me specifically, but to us and ours, because Durban is Yours and mine. Durban is Ours. And your voice matters.


If you have something to say about the city in the form of photography, graphic art, poetry, prose, opinion or video (or any other interesting formats you can think of) let us know. If you’re starting a project that the city needs to see, let us know. And if you’ve just released some music, opened a restaurant, or spotted a mermaid in the harbour, definitely let us know.


Oh, and here’s a question: if we set up a theme every month for submissions, would you roll with it? Or has apathy gripped your heart in its clutches? Tell us in the comments. The more you know, you know?


We’re also open to contributions on a weekly/monthly basis and if things work out on patreon you might even get paid one day. We all know that’s not why we do this, though, we do it because we’re crazy in love. If you’re into music, fashion, photography or culture let’s chat.


Drop your submissions to [email protected] and contribute to what makes Durban what it is. Ours.


For some inspiration check out this musical map of Durban submitted by Cam Lofstrand. Can you name all the venues on the map?



4 Responses to “Durban is Ours – A Call for Submissions”
  1. Ian Lewis says:

    This is cool – i think a monthly theme is the way to go…

  2. xdoomx says:

    “the hunger from the starvation for something new” – that really hit me hard.. so true atm

  3. Stephanie Millar says:

    I love this. Monthly themes are a great idea. For me at least, a little guidance or suggestion would probably encourage me to submit content.

  4. Andy Topping says:

    A monthly theme would definitely help guide the submissions. Especially if there are various categories for you to enter in. Themes could be interpreted differently through the mediums.

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