Red Robyn and Jaedon Daniel are the New Wave

You’re going to hear a lot from them this year.

Image from Jo-Brizzler
Words by Bob Perfect



Listen, if you didn’t already know, it’s okay, but Red Robyn and Jaedon Daniel are the new wave. Okay, not THE new wave, but they’re part of the rising tide of young, independent, forward-thinking Durban musicians building themselves, and each other, through collabs with like-minded individuals. It’s an exciting time to be in Durban with such a fresh wave of musicians coming through and claiming their space in the scene, although the duo has already been making moves around the country.


Both Jaedon and Red Robyn have serious musical chops as members of the phenomenal jazz collective The Blvck Crystals, but lately, they’ve been putting out some dope experimental music together on the side. The two of them really seem to get each other and their collabs so far have complimented each other perfectly, but that’s probably from the years spent studying music together at UKZN. Their latest track ‘Taekwon’ is a gorgeous low-tempo jam that feels like a soulful and subtle modern take on late nineties R&B. Give it a listen below and then make sure you look out for Red Robyn and Jaedon Daniel on a poster or social media post near you.



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