Pure Has No Secrets

The ex-Fruits and Veggies and The Pranks frontwoman is finally going solo.


Words by Bob Perfect.


About damn time. That’s all I can think watching this Kyle Lewis directed video of the stripped down reinvention of Purity Mkhize (Fruits and Veggies, The Pranks), who now goes by the name she’s been affectionately called for years, Pure. Pure is a star, she’s always been a star. Watching her command the stage of misfits and fuck ups in F&V was always impressive. Now that she’s finally embarking on a solo career, I can’t help but feel that without the restraints of having to orchestrate chaos, she can shine bright enough to provide for life on at least 3 planets.


As Pure explains in the video, it takes some time to find and get comfortable with yourself, as many of us know. That she now feels that she’s in a place where she can do it all as a solo artist, I don’t doubt that she will. For my money, Pure is one of the best live performers in the country and I’m genuinely excited to see where she goes from here. Her first single is a gorgeous neo-soul number called ‘No Secrets’ and the video is an emotional make-up and wardrobe free experience directed by the SAMA-winning Kyle Lewis. Kyle wanted to create “a raw, honest piece that promotes positive body image,” using “a beautiful tapestry of human bodies, of people who share their truths and their vulnerable side, who defy the norms and break the mold. No secrets. No fear.” It’s fitting for an artist like Pure who has always pushed body-positivity both on and off stage. “This video embodies everything I believe in and stand for as a woman, as an artist, and as an ever-growing entity,” says Purity. “It’s a celebration of what true beauty is.”


Watch the video below and look out for more from Pure, the star. Hopefully, she’ll pay her hometown a visit on her rise to the top.



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