No Flops, T.R.O are Back!

No flops, lighty.




You read right, the legendary 90s hip-hop crew from Newlands East are back, lighty. The Real Ones are probably most well known for their anthemic “Hey Ouens (Watkind?)“, that track had people of all races singing “Bruinous, bruinous, we are the main ous.” and featured more Durban slang than almost any track since. T.R.O are not dwelling on past success though, the OG rap crew have another anthem for Durban summer on their hands in ‘No Flops’. It’s a real joy to hear Chuckie and the crew back on a track, especially in 2016. Nobody has ever been able to recreate what T.R.O did in the 90s so it’s only fair that they’re the ones to bring their unique sound back. ‘No Flops’ is filled with all the things you love about T.R.O, those synths, that slang, and the feeling of living life in the gully. Click play and enjoy.


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  1. Pavan says:

    Chuckie! I hear you’re cooling off in the UK these days. Why not put on an East Coast Flava session on the boys stuck in the cold here? Come through lirrie!

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