New Music: The Worst Thing By Dookoom

“Victim offended you but the victim is victim of your deeds?”

DOOKOOM The Worst Thing


As hooks go, “The worst thing to happen to the African is the white man” is probably one of the most accurate but also one of the most controversial. Dookoom are gonna catch more heat for their latest track, ‘The Worst Thing’, but I’m willing to bet that they don’t give a fuck. It’s a jarring listen, especially for a wit ou, but structural racism is real and Dookoom are spitting their truth. Before you cry “racism”, maybe listen to the lyrics and read up on history cause you’ll see that they have a valid point. They got OG Dirty South hip-hop legend David Banner on the track and they’ll be releasing their forthcoming EP, ‘Silbi Dog’, on French label IOT Records on September 25th, so while Afriforum and their ilk don’t fuck with Isaac Mutant and his team, they’re getting love overseas. Have a listen below and let us know what you think.


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