Win The AFCON Experience Of A Lifetime!



AFCON is just around the corner and obviously we’re amped. It’s like the World Cup, but without the annoying Americans, Australians and anyone who isn’t African. Awesome right? We thought so, and so did the cats at Spiga and Street Scene which is why they have teamed up to give two lucky DIY readers and their mates the coolest possible AFCON experience ever. You’ll be getting hooked up so hard.


Here’s The Vibe:

On Wednesday the 23rd of January, South Africa is playing Angola. It’s the first SA game in Durban, so obviously we all want to go support Bafana as they crush the visitors from up North. We could have just hooked you up with tickets and said have a good time, but with Street Scene and Spiga on board, there’s no chance that’s all there is to it.

On the day, you (should you win) and three mates will meet up at Spiga and get introduced to your rival team (the other winners, more on this just now), the Street Scene and Spiga crews and even us from DIY, sorry, there’s always a catch. The day will start out with you getting kitted out with some fresh threads to make sure you fit in at the game.

Now the adventure begins. We’ll be kicking it to INK (Inanada, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu) on the Street Scene bus for a shebeen tour extraordinaire. These guys know their way all around Durban and are privy to some sweet spots, you can read up on our previous Street Scene experience here. We’ll be drinking for free, which is pretty much the definition of rad.

Once we’ve gotten to know INK a little better, met some locals and got a few quarts in us, we’ll be hitting up Street Scene’s favourite shisanyama tavern to chow down. The freshest meat cooked by masters of the flame and more wetties are what’s in store for you here.

Once you’re full of free chow and beer and gotten loose in INK, we’ll be kicking it to Moses Mabhida to watch Bafana give Angola hiding. Yup, after a kief day out, there’s still the beautiful game to keep us going.

And finally, just when you think it’s over, we’ll be taking the party to Spiga where we’ll be chowing down on the best Italian food in Durbs, sipping on some more wetties and looking back on one memorable day.

All of this, for free. All you’ll need cash for is drinks at the game and getting to and from Spiga. We told you, hooked up, hard.


Uh, there’s more though. We mentioned that you’d be meeting up with a rival team. You will be competing against them on the day and against four other teams (Two from GQ, and two from Kickoff) by creating noise on Twitter using the hashtag #UniteThroughFootball (more details on the day) to win an even better version of this experience for the semi-final. There will be a whole lot of prizes from some of Durban’s finest brands and venues, and the tour this time will be a little different, you’ll get to know your city even better. The whole thing is worth like R40 000, or more, I lost count. It’s a lot okay?


How To Win

So that’s what’s up for grabs. You want it right? Like really really bad? Thought so. Well entering is simple, all you have to do is visit Spiga ( AND Street Scene’s  ( Facebook pages, give them both a like and then click on the Unite Through Football App, or you can just click here for Spiga’s or here for Street Scene’s. Fill in your details and you’re entered. Should take you a minute. Also, if  you get three mates to enter, you get another chance to win, plus, hopefully, if you don’t win, your mates do and then you get to go anyway for being a good ou and dropping the knowledge.


The competition is open to Durbanites over the age of 18. You have to make your own way to and from Spiga, so it’s probably best that you live at the very least, in KZN or will definitely be in Durban on the 23rd of January. Competition closes at 10 am on Monday the 21st of January 2013 and winners will be announced at 3pm on the same day.

7 Responses to “Win The AFCON Experience Of A Lifetime!”
  1. Matt says:

    This is amazing.

  2. Sindi Hirsschowitz says:

    I am DBN born and raised but now reside in JHB. I saw your article on Happy Hippo Accommodation’s facebook page and was shocked by your opening statement. I was compelled to write the following to them “How can you post such a prejudice comment about Americans and Australians? They are the very people that keep you in business. Besides its short sighted to judge a whole nation based on a few individual experiences. In South Africa we pride ourselves in being friendly to ALL people who visit our beautiful country. We are known world over for our hospitality. I’m based in JHB, always stay with you when I’m in DBN whether on business or pleasure but after seeing this comment, I will definitely think twice before I consider staying with you again. I am very disappointed”. They have come back to me and explained that the article was taken as is from yoyr article, however, I do feel that it is their responsibility to read anything before it is put up on their facebook page. Now back to you, our African culture is that of hospitality and embracing people from all works of life, regardless of race, gender, religion or creed. People from continents other than Africa play a huge role in growing our tourism sector thus contributing to our economy. Insulting and offending them is definitely not smart. I am surprised that all the sponsors on this page did not find this opening statement unsuitable. Does this mean they agree with it? Did they even read it before it went public? I would love to hear their views

  3. Avinia says:


  4. Bob says:

    Hi Sindi.

    It’s a joke.

    Hope that clears everything up.

  5. People like Sindi make the world a boring place. Jokes are jokes. YOLO.

  6. AnalogueGirl_ says:

    It may be a joke, but lots of happy soccer people milling about Durban without annoying foreigners around sounds rad. The World Cup was ruined for me by the foreigners. Honestly.

  7. GCL says:

    I’m a bit slow on the up take here… Rad comp boys! On my way to enter 😀

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