DIY Presents: Asleep In Transit – Plans

Asleep In Transit are launching their latest EP, Kaleidoscope, tomorrow night at The Bat Center so they let us hear one of the new songs and share it with you. Aren’t they sweet? We also had a chat about the changes in the band and THOSE photos. Check it.


DIY: This is your second EP in a year, why’d you guys go the EP route and not put out a full length album?

Vlad: The way that the music scene globally is going, people are releasing music a lot quicker and it helps to stay relevant and to be flexible with it. We just felt it’d be a better way to get our music out there and show people what we’re doing. Also, it works better for a limited budget, producing a full album costs thousands and takes a long time to get done. We just figured that this way would be quicker, cheaper and allow us to keep pace with the band as it develops instead of being stuck with 12 tracks that are already old by the time the album comes out.


DIY: How has the sound developed since the first EP? Has it changed much?

Allister: Well the first EP was written by Irina and I and we got session guys in. Now we have a full band with Vlad, Josh and Chris and the five of us wrote it together.

Vlad: Usually the songwriting process is: Allister will write the main part of the song  with acoustic guitar and vocals, have an idea of how the song is going to go and then we’ll all add to it bit by bit. It’s a lot more flexible than before where Allister may have written the whole song and gone “Here’s what you guys play.” The sound has obviously changed because there’s now synth and full drums so it’s fuller and more up tempo .


DIY: How much has your audience grown since the first EP? Have you had much of an impact since then and how have they reacted to the changes?

Irina: I guess that our music has evolved and appeals to more people now. People like to dance and have a good time. The more upbeat we get the more people we actually get to our shows so that’s kind of a good thing.


DIY: Was that change a conscious decision?

Irina: Yeah, we wanted to make it more upbeat but we didn’t want to stray too far from what we originally started off as.

Allister: Also, if we’re on stage…

Irina: It’s more entertaining….

Allister: I was actually getting pretty bored, we wanted to make it more of a show that you can enjoy and is more fun for us.

Vlad: We still did some softer, more chilled stuff on the new EP. We’re not gonna be Two Door Cinema Club, it was just a natural thing as the band progressed and wanted to have more fun with it. We weren’t going for a set sound, it just kind of developed as we wrote songs.


DIY: Why’d you guys pick Anti Retro Vinyls and Shortstraw to play with you at your launch?

Allister: Shortstraw was our first choice because we’ve hung out with them before and they’ve helped us with shows up in Joburg before. We love hanging out with them and wanted them there. It’s good to play with a band whose music you really like and it suits us quite nicely as well. Oh and also the lead singer’s name is also Alister and their synth player’s name is Glad.

We picked the ARV’s because Greg and I were in a band together but we wanted to different things so we split and he did ARV’s and I did this. We’re still friends so I really like playing shows with him.


DIY: Last question is for you Irina…

Irina: Booby pictures?


DIY: What was it like having everyone sharing those photos? Creepy or flattering?

Irina: Well there weren’t any negative comments, people weren’t like “What are you doing?” It was an artsy photo shoot and I was helping a friend out who studies at Style Design College . She came up with this nice concept and I was like “Cool, I’ll do it.” I’ve never really done a proper photo shoot before…

Josh: Defense, defense…

Irina: Shut up! I was comfortable posting them up because they’re good shots and it’s tasteful. I’m not ashamed of my body.

Josh: You should have seen our Facebook that week…



So that’s Plans. What do you think? If you dig it, let us know in the comment section and you could win yourself free entry to the EP launch tomorrow night. We’re giving away five tickets and the competition closes at midnight (6 December)


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9 Responses to “DIY Presents: Asleep In Transit – Plans”
  1. ian says:

    What a cool track! as always Durban music doesnt disappoint – I am super amped for Friday’s gig!

  2. Jess says:

    These guys are pretty sweet! Make my feet happy, thanks for the enlightenment : )

  3. Loose says:

    These guys just keep getting better and better! Everytime I hear a new one of their songs, I’m just so fucking impressed! Also, this song just made my shitty day a bit better. So amped to check them on Friday! Well done guys, making Durban proud!

  4. Rorororoor says:

    booby pictures!!!!

  5. Nich Hustler says:

    Sweet new track guys (and gal), super stoked to have a band like you on the Durban scene. I’m loving the newer upbeat vibe. Watching you guys grow over the last year and a half has been super encouraging. Good luck with the launch.

  6. Meags says:

    I won’t lie. I didn’t particularly enjoy the first EP. It wasn’t very tight, each song drifted into the next with very little variation or excitement. BUT. It seems having a full band is definitely benefiting these guys!!! This new track is definitely their best so far and it’s easy to hear how they’ve grown in their sound. The more upbeat vibe suits them in a big way and was a kiff direction for them to take. My faith is restored!

  7. Woogy says:

    Sick new track! Cant wait to hear the rest of the EP.

  8. Amanda says:

    Listened to it approximately 4 times and I “Plans” to listen to it again tomorrow night 😀 (yes, I know, terrible pun)
    Eek! So keen for the gig tomorrow night!! (^^,)

  9. No my real name says:

    Brilliant new track! Really dig the more upbeat stuff and the synth.

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