Win With The Plastics And Lee Jeans!


The Plastics are coming to Durban and they are bringing gifts! Aren’t they nice? Nothing like The Plastics in Mean Girls.


The fist gift they bring is a brand spanking  new track, Underwater Kite, from their latest album, Pyramid, which they’ll be releasing at Live next Saturday. You can give it a listen below and if you dig it, learn the words and get involved at the show.



For those of you into your art, and we know and love that there are a lot of you, we’ve been given the track artworks by Baiden Moir and Cassandra Leigh Johnson to share with you. There’s boobs and there’s tentacles, not in the same picture, but still, you’ll probably dig them.


Cassandra Leigh Johnson

Baiden Moir


And lastly, they’ve given us a Lee Jeans hamper to give away to one of you lucky bastards.

Yup, one of you could be walking away with a fresh outfit of jeans and a shirt, you’ll only have to worry about dressing yourself for 6 days of the week.


To win, tell us what’s the greatest thing you’ve ever done with a plastic item?

I know you deviants are a creative lot, so lets hear what you’ve created and misused in your adventures.


The competition closes at midnight on Sunday 14th of October 2012,  please use your correct email address so we can notify you if you win.


Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think of the track. The Plastics will be launching their album Pyramid at Live The Venue on the 19th of October with Asleep In Transit, Black Math and Catlike Thieves. R60.

16 Responses to “Win With The Plastics And Lee Jeans!”
  1. Ozzie says:

    Last time I saw these guys play they were HOAX he he

  2. Roxanne says:

    I made a home-made sprinkler with an old, empty 2 Litre Coke bottle.

    Here’s how I did it…

    What you need :
    *A Hose
    * Duct Tape
    * Empty 2 liter bottle

    All you do is use a screw-driver or any sharp, pointy object, and poke about three-four holes on each side (preferably on the sides of the bottle only so you don’t end up with a water mess) of the empty 2 Litre bottle. You then insert the head of the hose into the opening of the litre bottle, and duck tape it closed / as tight as you can. If you have a hose with large head that does not fit into the bottle opening, then just tape it to the opening, amnd make it as secure as you can to avoid water escaping…. And then, aurn up the water, and voila, you have yourself a garden sprinkler. You can even tie this to a tree or any lampost, if you want to water the plants higher up.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Oh yes, and I think their track is quite awesome 🙂

  4. Beth Naidoo says:

    made a bong from a coke bottle 😉

  5. pissingblood says:

    I once slapped a girl through the face repeatedly with a her own plastic cock… I can’t remember why I did it, but it annoyed her and made me laugh.

  6. Tea Bags says:

    I made a rad belt buckle from a cassette tape, a few actually. I think i was specifically looking for plastic objects from within popular cuture. The concept of re using a tape may assume the position of recycling but i think i intended on subverting traditional notions of preciousness. Now i don’t mean to come across Art fag…I see your 1L bong and your energy saving light bulbs,guilt induced 100% recycled plastic strap lines and i present to you “guilt free” aesthetics. Re-Designed to keep your pants up (Mabee even a pair of Lee jeans)

  7. Wololo says:

    Prevented many unwanted babies!

  8. MattCee says:

    I made a shank with a toothbrush.

  9. I make my own condoms out of saran wrap

  10. duder says:

    I made an elephant out of a 2l milk bottle. It was pretty and cool and i was 7. Cut off the top, handle makes the trunk, paint in some ears and go all creative on the body.
    Something, something, the plastics are cool.

  11. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    If I said I made a cast of my penis:

    1)it’d be painful
    2)girls everywhere would want one
    3)it’d be a lie
    4)but an awesome lie at that

  12. T. says:

    Went on a shopping spree, threw a sick party and ran up a massive bar tab. Std Bank plastic is the bomb.
    So basically, the greatest thing I ever did with a plastic item was get into debt. woe.

  13. Binx says:

    Made a mix tape about 4 times over on the same cassette.

  14. GabezR says:

    I swallowed a piece.

    Yup, I was sitting at my PC, chewing a USB (don’t ask I’m an obsessive chewer) next thing I know, boom. Its down my throat.

    Haven’t seen it since.

  15. Roxanne says:

    Hi guys, who won? 🙂

  16. Bob says:

    Hey Roxanne,

    The prize went to Tea Bags.

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