Humans Of Durban

Durban is known for its beaches so what better way to kick off our very first Humans Of Durban feature than by hitting the beachfront promenade and capturing the humans that frequent it.

"Each sculpture takes about 5 hours. I rebuilt this one this morning after the rain."

"Now that summer is coming, it means good business for me."

"I love the things she calls me." "I love his face."

"What weird stuff happens on the beachfront?" "So many things. People running around in the middle of the night, naked" "Are they drunk?" "No, just stupid."

"Ever since I've been born; I've been growing up in Durban."

You can find more Humans Of Durban on their Facebook page.


11 Responses to “Humans Of Durban”
  1. Thea says:

    Who is this phenomenal photographer??

  2. Sasha says:

    Oh wow! Great photos.

  3. Pedro says:

    This is amazing!

  4. Samora says:

    Micaela kicks azzzzzz

  5. Ozzie says:

    This talk was my favourite at the last Pecha Kucha, I had never heard anyone say, “I just took a photo, because he looked you know … rad” before. Very cool!

  6. Tea Bags says:

    Very rad!

  7. Sophia says:

    Beautiful photographs taken in a beautiful city by a beautiful woman.

    Humans of Durban is something special.

  8. yup says:

    cool pics, cool text! “Ever since I’ve been born; I’ve been growing up in Durban.” 😀 awesome!

  9. MIke says:

    Very talented photographer. Wish more people would start conversations with complete strangers.

  10. Paloma says:

    This is so much Durban… I love it.

  11. Looking good. Love this project.

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