Win A Weekend Away With Tsogo Sun!

Hot damn! This is probably one of the coolest competitions we’ve had the pleasure of running on this site.

Tsogo Sun are hooking you up hard for these coming summer holidays. Instead of bringing your babe back to your mates house, or returning home from your digs to be locked down by the rents, Tsogo Sun are offering you a 30% discount on bookings in December and January as part of their #TsogoSale. We also have a lot of readers from out of the province, so if you guys are amped to pull in for the summer holidays, we’d be stoked to see you. The sale kicked off at 6:00 today (29th of August) and will be on until 20:00 on Thursday the 30th of August and you can check out your accommodation options here.


Now, as part of us letting you know about their sale, Tsogo Sun have given us a weekend away for two, to give away to one lucky DIY reader.

To win, check out the KZN venues they have on offer here and let us know which hotel you’d like to grace with your presence this summer and why. The best comment will win a weekend away for you and your partner.


Competition closes at midnight on Thursday the 30th of August 2012 and the winner will be contacted by email so please make sure you use your correct email address.

36 Responses to “Win A Weekend Away With Tsogo Sun!”
  1. Harry says:

    Without any shadow of a doubt, the Beverly Hills Hotel. Simply because I am not a laanie, but for one weekend, YUSUS, I will look like a laanie.

  2. Ashishta Gokhul says:

    My mum and I stayed in the Hotel on the weekend from the 2 August 2012 to 5 August 2012 and what a stay. As we walked in on Thursday everything was excellent. The staff at reception was the most friendiest and helpfull that I ever encounterd with a friendly smle to a warm greeting in the morning. Perfect even when I requested to check out later on Sunday that was not even to much asked it was arrange within seconds. The restaurants perfect cuisine and friendly staff.

  3. Ashishta Gokhul says:

    Southern Sun Elangeni

  4. Ashishta Gokhul says:

    Southern Sun Elangeni

    The hotel is ideally located to the main attractions and walking distance from the beach, casino and a number of restaurants and pubs. Whist the check-in process was a bit slow, we were graciously offered a glass of wine to make the waiting a bit more bearable. The hotel made you feel like you are a regular although it was my first stay. Friendly, professional and efficient staff.

    My room was of decent size, clean and had a great view of the ocean. The Housekeeping staff was efficient and proactive. The queues at breakfast were somewhat long, the breakfast serving staff are very attentive despite the sheer number of guests. we couldn’t ask for better service. The quality of the food was also excellent.

    The concierge are extremely attentive and assisted to a great deal.

    All in all I would definitely recommend this hotel.

  5. Ashishta Gokhul says:

    Southern Sun Elangeni

    When one stays at the Elangeni, you can be assured that you will receive excellent and friendly service; attention to detail when requesting assistance with conferencing and an experience which is definitely above average.
    The view from the sea-facing rooms is stunning and the staff realy do their best to make your stay a “home from home” experience.
    The buffet breakfast is First Class and the dinner experience at the Jewel of India Restaurant can compare with the best you will find in any hotel world-wide.
    I really enjoy my stays at the Elangeni.

  6. Kerry says:

    That’s easy! Without a doubt The Beverly Hills Hotel, for three reasons
    1. I live in Montclair which is in actual fact the ghetto so a weekend where I can feel like the rich teens from Beverly Hills 90210 (which I’m overly addicted to) would be very welcome! I could be Naomi Clark for a day or two.. Where’s my cocktail at? 🙂
    2. I work in Umhlanga so I see the hotel daily – from a distance of course and its such a tease, kinda like holding a wig just outta Donald Trumps reach
    3. Its simply breathtaking and the ultimate treat.

  7. Tyron says:

    I would need a holiday as a break from my day-to-day life of being a superhero. Wearing tight spandex clothing is not the most comfortable and has also been very bad for my tan. A holiday would allow me to re-energize so that I could once again take on the streets of Gotham in my mask and cape. The Beverly Hills Hotel would definitely be the best to renergize my caped crusaders ways. #goaheaddoit

  8. Anastacia Stegling says:

    Tsogo Sun, experienced! An icon of memories! Its my boyfriends birthday on Tuesday and was our 1st anniversary last month so what better way to surprise him…it will definately be one to remember!

  9. Nevolan Reddy says:

    Well well well, i would have to say the holiday of choice has to be Southern Sun North Beach.

    Ok i would like to grace that hotel with my presence as i just want something smart and quiet and i would think that up North would be where this can be found. I have not been to the North Coast before and being afforded the opportunity to go there would be amazing. Im not saying im more deserving than the other entrants and i know some of them deserve it morehan me, but it sure would be awesome hey.

  10. Cartman says:

    It looked like someone busted a fatload on that little girl’s face?

  11. matt_theknight says:

    Beverly Hills, that’s where I wanna be**

    **for those unfamiliar with Weezer; pick me, it’ll help the rhinos.

  12. Kyle says:

    I would like to stay at Beverly Hills.

    I have been working and still work as a chef at the hotel purely for experience so therefore I’d love to experience the food and leisure I’ve been supplying guests, for myself.

    This would be a well deserved break from my 6 months of working for no pay and I would thoroughly enjoy it.

    Hook a brother up, DIY.

  13. Kyle says:

    I would like to stay at Beverly Hills.

    I have been working and still work as a chef at the hotel purely for experience so therefore I’d love to experience the food and leisure I’ve been supplying guests, for myself.

    This would be a well deserved break from my 6 months of working for no pay and I would thoroughly enjoy it.

    Hook a brother up and swag me the Fuck out, DIY.

  14. Caz says:

    I think it would be the SunSquare at Sun Coast as its close to all the entertainment and the beach, it got movies for the kiddies and then theres the night clubs and resturants, perfect for my family and I. Its been four years since my hubby and i have had a night out parting, with this its all close by so no drink driving, then early in the morning we can go to the beach with the kiddies and enjoy the fun in the sun!! how awesome!!

  15. Tamryn says:

    The glamourous SunCoast Towers
    My boyfriend and I of 5 years fell in love running and cycling along that promenade and swimming off Suncoast Beach…Even though he nearly drowned me early on by playfully tossing me into a wave that was bigger than he thought we are still togehter and happier than ever! Couples that play together, stay together! We love nothing more than going for a friday morning “coffee ride” along the Suncoast promenade. It would be the perfect romantic weekend getaway for us!

  16. Cath says:

    Please may I win this? This is an amazing prize and – whilst I need the holiday – I’d like to win it for a friend of mine.

    The Beverley Hills Hotel is where my folks honeymooned so heck yeah, I love that place!

  17. noodle says:

    The Beverly Hills – old school fancy schmancy… and the chefs there are amazeballs!

  18. Tamara says:

    Beverley Hills!

    Why? Because who wouldn’t want a weekend at the Beverley Hills?

    Seriously, though, it’s been a rough year and I can’t think of anything better than having a chance to unwind by chilling at the pool, strolling on the beach, having dinner at the fabulous Sugar Club and maybe indulging in a massage at the Suncoast Spa. Bliss.

    Pick me, please? Undying gratitude and ever-after loyalty guaranteed!

  19. pissingblood says:

    Beverly Hills – despite their not having a a lawn…

    Because I’ll be getting a string of people to come over for an enactment of every sleazy, wild hotel room party you’ve ever heard about, or seen. Can anyone say strippers, cocaine and the TV in the bath tub?

    I hope the Beverly has soundproofing is all I’m gonna say.

  20. JO says:

    Having been told that my job ended the same day as my notification, it came as a shock to my system. For several months now, I have been without work and its starting to get worrisome. On top of this, my father has been medically boarded off, which has caused an extra strain on our family. Everybody is under intense pressure. How I wish to alleviate this pain and burden off my parents, somehow and have them escape for a bit. This prize would be a blessing to them. My favourite Tsogo Sun hotel would be Southern Sun Waterfront Cape Town and I would love for them to be the selected winners, to go there and destress and relax and enjoy themselves a bit without thinking of what the uncertain future may hold.

  21. yas says:

    The Elangeni hotel for sure!
    It would be so rad to stay in a hotel in my own city and enjoy it like a tourist! Totally a once-in-a-life-time deal.
    It would also be pretty fly to be 10 minutes away from Amsterdam, after a full day of cycling on the promenade, swimming in that majestic pool of theirs and ordering milkshakes from room service 🙂

  22. rehana says:

    Southern Sun Elangeni. Having to cope with a stressful job, hectic lifestyle and dealing also with the recent loss of both my mum and brother, leaves me in need of a much wanted break. I was left traumatised after my mum passed away in front of me and my 35 year old brother shot himself in front of my dad. I honestly, don’t have any fancy answer to impress you with but only the truth to tell. I am holding thumbs, ’cause I am so much in need of a break. I would love to take my 66 year old dad with me as he has been through so much as well, and is deserving.

  23. Wazza says:

    I would love to stay at the Beverly Hills, as my wife and I are into role-playing. I would be the Beverly Hills Cop and she would be the Beverly Hills Hillbilly. Photographic and video evidence to follow… if we win!

  24. Liz says:

    The Beverley Hills. Not quite 90210, but possibly better? It would be such a treat to mix my trash with some class, I’m sure we could learn a lot from each other! Also, I just know I will look fabulous lounging next to their pool, dahling. I promise to even splash out (pun intended) on a sexy new bathing suit from Woolworths 😉

  25. Janine says:

    Beverly Hills!

    Why? Because plebs deserve the chance to feel like celebs sometimes too!
    Because I’m a pleb but was born to show those celebs how to have a good time and because the Beverly Hills (the shwoa and grand daddy of fancy pants getaways) would be THE ultimate treat for a 2 hard working “broke girls”…

  26. Christine says:

    Any place in Umhlanga – either Beverley Hills (ooh la la!!) or Garden Court.
    Umhlanga is a special place for me as it is where my husband and I went on our honeymoon 6 years ago. After living in London for four years we were desperate to return home to the sun and sand and it would mean so much to be able to go again and relive that wonderful time.
    Please choose us!

  27. AnaBanana says:

    Beverly Hills
    It’s beautiful, timeless and classy- totally not like me (kiddaaaaang- I think :s )
    I’ve never been to a hotel in my 18 years of existence (and neither has my poor 20 year old bf), so that would be
    an absolute treat and quite a novelty.
    This year has been stressful and pretty darn awful and I alwaysssss think about going away- but when you’re a
    student- it ain’t happening… well, until now- I hope.
    A luxurious holiday away from the drama of teenage angst, wanton abandon and debauchery would be much appreciated.
    And I promise to switch off my blackberry the entire time!
    So pleeeease choose me :p

  28. Beth says:

    I’m a mommy to twin boys, I would love to take them down to the coast. I can just imagine their faces being on the beach for the first time.

    “Dude check out the size of this sand pit!”

    Beverly hills looks great.

  29. lungi says:

    And the winner is… Me!
    Every one should get a chance to experience high snobiety, (Dzahling). And that person is me. I’ve never been on holiday, and I think I’ll be really good at it.

  30. yaysies says:

    The Elangeni.
    I could totally use a weekend away wearing a fluffy white robe – Students don’t often get to enjoy the fruits of upper-class leisure.
    If i win, i will display my gratitude to the hotel by spending my week’s pay on ordering food from room service all day.
    So its a win win situation for the hotel, and my self.

  31. blizzard says:

    suncoast towers because all of the others have photos of what appear to be side-by-side single beds and side-by-side single beds are the bane of my existence.

  32. Matthew says:

    Yoh Yoh Yoh!! Beverly Hills Hotel ne! Shoh this one is the bomb diggidy to the boombastic! I am gonna rock my jean Pant whiff a belt by the pool bru and sip on a fencie pink drink whiff a Klein umbrella! You okes can’t tune me nothing when I’m rocking my complementary pantoffels whilst munching at the sexy korreksie elements restaurant downstairs. I’ll be tuning your mother Howzit from my private balcony whilst wearing my lumo speedo to catch some tan hey! So that is why I need to be chosen for this lakka prize bruski’s!! Maak ‘n plan chinas or ask you china’s chinas to maak ‘n plan!

  33. Tan meister says:

    My boyfriend has been working ridiculously hard the whole year , designing and building a solar powered car which he will be racing around South Africa in a few weeks.
    I think he deserves a break after all his hard work, and a weekend at the Beverly Hills hotel would do just the trick.

  34. Emm rae says:

    My parents have recently become very busy and have taken a huge courageous step with their business, while still running a farm with little help. They never get a days rest.
    I would love to win a weekend at the Beverly Hills hotel , and surprise them with it! They deserve a weekend of complete relaxation

  35. NMC says:

    Southern Sun Elangeni

    Growing up in Durban I never had a need to stay at the Elangeni, but was always in admiration of the Durban landmark. I moved to Joburg from Durban three years ago to study. Whilst I enjoy Jozi, Durban will always be my home. I haven’t visited in two years and I can’t think of anything better than returning to stay at The Southern Sun Elangeni. My weekend would be spent lounging at the pool and re visiting my old Durban hangouts. I also miss a good curry and the Jewel of India would satisfy this craving! So please Tsogo Sun and DIY hook a brother up.

  36. IOIIOOIO says:

    Beverly Hills Hotel. I have a fond memory of enjoying whiskey and cigars in the company of a very beautiful, classy lady. I remember being pleasantly surprised with the friendly service. I’d like to do it again, except this time with my own room too? Well that would be legendary!

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