Top 10 Top 10’s

So the scroller is looking quite cluttered with all the top 10’s, but since we put them up in December, when most of you lucky bastards were chilling on the beach, we figured we’d give those of you that missed out, a chance to check them out.



Our first top 10 was a banger, Skullboy illustrated his year in a way that only Skullboy can.


Luke Smith

Luke Smith came with a no frills, straight up Top 10 Albums of 2010.


Stathi Kougianos

Stathi Kougianos came with a top 10 that can only come out of a mind as deranged as his.


 Grant Payne

Grant Payne’s Top 10 was actually a Top 15. Top 15 Hook Ups to be specific. Check it out.


DJ Fuego Heat 

Even though he had a good year, considering the music he plays, DJ Fuego Heat provided us with his Bottom 10.


Matt Knight and Sven The Bear

Matt Knight and Sven The Bear did a combined Top 10 which wasn’t really a Top 10 at all, more of a guide of cool things to do in the new year.


 Roger Young 

Mahala’s king of controversy, Roger Young actually found 10 things he liked about last year. Curt Cobain did the illustrations to produce one of the best articles we’ve had to date.


Bob Perfect 

And lastly, Bob Perfect took his Top 10 as a chance to humble brag and to air some grievances.


Yeah, it’s only 8, but Top 8 Top 10’s just doesn’t have any pizazz, and we’re all about the pizazz. What were your top 10 moments of 2011?



5 Responses to “Top 10 Top 10’s”
  1. Matty McMatt says:

    that time I made out with those two 17 year olds….

  2. Ozzie says:

    TOP 10 (not in any kind of order)

    • Lowprofile finally getting some big stage action at Hilltop’s SUM 41 failgig.
    We got a backstage area, fruit baskets, and free beer amongst other things unheard of for a Durban band.

    • Participating in ToiToy’s Custom Vinyl Toy show with my Board Brain Madl. It’s currently gathering dust in Cape Town as I couldn’t put a Durban-Friendly price on it. Even I can’t afford it after the markup ha ha ha

    • Getting kudo’s from Powell Peralta for the above

    • Lowprofile packing the Splashy tent and getting our stickers on almost every car with some simple logo trickery.
    “China, you spelt SLPashy wrong huh huh huh, can I buy 10 of those please?”.

    • First proper interview by a human being from our home city for DIY 🙂 It was like reading a Heat Mag exposé, I nearly choked on my cornflakes and felt like Angelina Jolie accused of eating a burger or something. If we can find someone who does websites, our next one’s going to link back here!

    • Participating in the street art benefit thingie at The Collective. It was a good cause and I was stoked with my piece but I feel the Masters of the Universe reference was lost on the young and swingin’ hipster crowd

    • Doing housey DIY with my lady. Every power tool you buy adds 5 years onto your perceived age

    • Bombing Florida, not so much after the accident but the build up and collective stoke of so many riders on everything from banana boards to pro downhill setups. It felt like Wacky Racers or something.

    • Rekindling old friendships

    • Lagwagon Box Set

  3. Bob says:

    I love you Ozzie.

  4. Ozzie says:

    I’m not cynical enough for you dearest Bob, it would never work 😉

    However, in case you were wondering if that cold/flu app you developed works on all platforms, it does.
    My ears feel blocked and it’s like I’ve got a tuft of dog hair up each nostril. Thanks a lot! Ha ha

  5. Bob says:

    Damnit! I did warn you, but it appears that warnings aren’t enough. I recommend Sudafed, clears things up quickly.

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