Sibot at Origin

We know this review is late, but Sibot’s performance at Origin on the 16th of December was too good to let it slide. Bob Perfect does his best at reviewing the show.


I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to electronic music, I’m not the most clued up guy. It’s no secret that I prefer guitar driven music and hip hop because I generally find them to be more expressive. So when I glanced over the line-up for Friday night’s Uber Cool party at Origin, I wasn’t climbing over anybody to go.


It took Luke reminding me of Sibot’s previous projects to get me on the phone to George to hook up a late press pass to the evening’s festivities. Max Normal and The Real Estate Agents? In my mind, that’s some impressive pedigree. Waddy may have lost the plot with Die Antwoord, but I was curious to see how his previous partner was fairing. Apparently he’s made some moves with Spoek Mathambo, but I was down to see how the DJ/Producer did on a stage on his own.


A blur of sound and visuals that would take a much better writer to adequately describe.


After trying to hustle a lift to Origin unsuccessfully, I made the 2km walk through Umbilo confident in my choice to brave a mugging in hopes that I’d be suitably entertained. I walked through the doors to Origin just before 10, and it was already quite full. Durban may be considered a city of cheapskates, but Origin and Uber Cool consistently manage to draw a diverse crowd willing to fork out R60 for their brand of entertainment.



The usual milling around and scattered conversation took place whilst the different floors all blasted out a mix of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and the odd hip hop song. As we’ve said on here before, Origin is a large enough club with enough diversity to ensure that regardless of your tastes, you can almost always have a good a time.


Eventually I got word that the man of the hour would be getting started and so I headed down to the sweatbox known as the Engine Room. The room was already packed and the walls on the side were lined with punters eager to get down. Sibot took to the stage in a white jumpsuit with a white balaclava of sorts covered in plastic buggley eyes and L.E.D’s around his actual eyes. As he set up his camera behind his equipment and went through his checks, I got a feeling that this wouldn’t be an ordinary show.



What happened next is a blur. A blur of sound and visuals that would take a much better writer to adequately describe. I found myself moving to the back of the room and almost automatically getting into the groove. Throughout his set, played live with equipment that was unfamiliar to me, Sibot would build and build and build his songs with his varied beats and as you got the feeling that it’d break with a heavy bass drop, he’d kick into a new beat, stringing the crowd along, making them beg for it to drop. When it would eventually kick in, I, and the rest of the crowd, couldn’t help but lose our shit. Over and over again.



I may not know much about electronic music, but Sibot gave Origin a master class using samples and loops in ways that I didn’t know was possible. There’re many reasons why Sibot is held in such high regard, and getting cynical assholes like myself to dance is one of them. Looking back, I can’t think of a single time during his set that I wasn’t dancing and that’s a feat that most bands don’t even achieve.



I really wish this review could live up to his performance, but I know I’m not worthy. Some artists are just too good for the words in my artillery. Hopefully this video by Mark Edwards can give you a better feel for the evening.

Sibot at the Origin in Durban from Mark Edwards on Vimeo.


*All images © Matt Stroud

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  1. Skye says:

    Wow AMAZING VIDEO! Awesome article! Well done guys!

  2. Pascal says:

    yeeehah! Nice pics by Matt. And I love you used the ‘word’ buggley Bob. 😉


  3. Simon says:

    Sick post, great vid!

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