Removal of Wayne Danker’s Interview

Hey guys, just want to give a quick explanation of why we removed the Wayne Danker interview.

There were a couple insulting comments on the interview containing swearing and Wayne would prefer not to be associated with swearing and bad language. He asked that we either removed the comments or the post and we decided to remove the post. We believe that no language is bad language and that as much as it’s never cool to read negative comments about your work, a big part of the DIY ethos is that you guys, the readers, get to have your say on anything we put up here. Yes, there is some trolling and some genuine negative vibes thrown around on the site, but for the most part, you lot are pretty cool and throw down a lot of love. At the end of the day, if we started deleting comments, regardless of the content, we’d be censoring and disrespecting the people who support and trust us, so we’d rather sacrifice the whole article than our principles.

We have no ill will at all towards Wayne and respect that he stood up for his principles, we just wanted to let you guys know.

13 Responses to “Removal of Wayne Danker’s Interview”
  1. Disgruntled says:

    what a pussy

  2. luke says:

    what a child.

  3. Clip Art Lover says:

    Ooh, juicy! Must have been really hectic cause DIY usually has meaty debates in the form of comments

  4. Food Boner says:

    Wayne do you piss sitting down?

  5. Tookie Williams says:

    You would be on your knees in prison 24/7

  6. SawedOff says:

    Hahahahahaha. Bitch ass nigga!!!!!!!

  7. Nadia O says:

    I never had a chance to comment on the now removed interview, nor did I manage to see the insulting comments that perpetuated its removal. So my 10 cents worth may be futile, but what the hell… You’re reading this right?

    Wayne, every designer hates to have negative criticism, that’s the nature of our work. If your design was a labour a love, then I can understand your frustration, but quite frankly a boat load of free vector downloads deserves a bit of rough and tumble from the audience. There were far more deserving entrants (with original artwork) at the event that should be acknowledged.

    Which brings me to my main point, what on earth were the judges thinking? DIY, can we have an interview with them? I’d love to hear their opinions. Looking back it almost seems as if an error in their selection process was made.

    And where are these T-shirts they’re making? Because I’m only buying Stathi’s design!

  8. Steve says:

    I missed the article…but i’m assume Wayne is the guy who won the Interpret Durban poster design?

    Quite frankly, like Nadia said, as a designer critique is part of the trade. Maybe Wayne’s reaction is the clearest indication that he may still be an amateur in the field. This whole issue of artists/musicians not being able to take public criticism is ridiculous, this isn’t the first time people have reacted badly to something said on a DIY forum.

    Whether your a designer,artist or musician, one of the best things you can do is learn to develop a thick skin. Take constructive crit and use it to better your practice. If you really believe that your work is perfect, then laugh off the crit and move on.

    It really does just end up reflecting badly on the guy/band who reacts in a negative light.

  9. Gigantic Faggot says:

    Dnt wry babes im still so proud of u.

  10. Dayne Wanker says:

    Thnks Mom

  11. Bob says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  12. Kwangster says:

    Wear WWWDD bangle. Be a righteous little penis!

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