Bass Thugs

Last Friday the cats from Uber Cool introduced their new brand of party, Bass Thugs, and did what they do best, they threw a Bass heavy party featuring Sedge Warbler, Niskerone, Night Vision and Veranda Panda at Origin. Russel Smith whines a bit but then sees the light after the jump.


“At yet another dub-step party. Where did I go so wrong in my life? What choices did I make, or fail to make, that have brought me to this?” These deep thoughts plagued me for longer than I usually allow my brain to stay coherent. Turns out, I was a bit quick to start the introspective examination of my life. No matter what kind of party it was, it was a club banger if there ever was one.

They come with sounds hard and fast enough to make Satan have an orgasm

If you’ve not heard Sedge Warbler (like me before Friday night) then you would probably have felt the same about the situation. I’d attended their gigs before, but not really bothered to be present when they played because I like breathing clean air and not being rubbed up on by complete strangers that I have no desire to sleep with. I’m also of the opinion if you listen to too much dub-step you’ll forget how to talk and just start making bass noises with your mouth like certain pill-heads I know. The duo, Dank and Disco, known as Sedge Warbler, must have recognised this symptom too, and decided to prevent their fans from becoming incoherent for life by slapping them with experimental “glitch hop”. They come with sounds hard and fast enough to make Satan who, I’m pretty sure was standing next to me enjoying the scene, have an orgasm while making sure everybody got covered in someone’s ejaculate.

Sedge. Warbling.

The lyrics don’t make too much sense, no matter what state of inebriation, but they’re fun and sound good, and that’ll do when you’re in the Engine Room with a crowd of people rocking their tits off.
Sharing the headline spot with Sedge Warbler was fellow Capetonian, Niskerone. The few people I know that are in to Drum & Bass and Dub-step speak of him as if he’s some sort of high priest in their cult. Watching the crowd lose their collective shit to the sounds he threw out at them it’s understandable. He’s a master of feeling out the crowd and grabbing control like a puppet master, getting everyone with movable limbs to throw any inhibition to the cigarette smoke and BO and let loose and lose their minds. Watching him at work, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find out later that he’s exported to overseas to play along with major international acts. He’s dominated SA in terms of D&B and Dub step, it only makes sense that he go dominate everywhere else too.


Supporting the out-of-towners were Durban’s local DJ heroes. If you’ve not heard of DJ Night Vision and Veranda Panda yet you’re clearly living under a rock, and it’s a little surprising you know how to work a computer to be able to even find this website. You’re forgiven, but only if you venture out of your damp dark hole and catch these guys playing at a venue near you. I’ve listened to some of their offerings online and frankly it doesn’t do them justice. Besides, this is Durban Is Yours, our mission is to get you out in to the city, and if it takes harsh character judgments to get you out, so be it.

Uber Cool events offered up a dangerously entertaining event, this one being Bass Thugs volume one of three, the next two volumes will be hard to live up to, but also promise to be a party not be missed. Volume Two happens to be a party for Durban Vega students as well. Nothing like overworked college kids getting wild to make a party reviewer such as myself smile like a pervert on a playground.

All images © Erin Wulfsohn and Uber Cool

4 Responses to “Bass Thugs”
  1. BassThug$ says:

    My legs are still sore! waddaparty!

  2. Kim says:

    Russsssell! You’re going soft buddy 😉 Haha, but I like it

  3. Matt Dipp says:

    Bru, this is spot on! Epic Party, Epic words, VOL 2

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