Rather Be Dead: A Photo Essay

Some events you just have to be there for, the Moon Landing, Mandela being set free, G!G!B’s last show… But sometimes life gets in the way and you just can’t make it. If you were one of the poor souls to miss Saturday’s show at The Winston, Xavier Vahed’s shots will make you feel like you were right there in the pit, drenched in sweat, getting punched in the face and stage diving with reckless abandon.     Wanna... Read More

Xavier Vahed

Durban has a lot of photographic talent. It’s impossible to deny it, and in a small city, with so much talent, it can be hard to stand out. Xavier Vahed has taken the challenge to rise above and make a name for himself. Stathi Kougianos chats to him after the jump. DIY: How have you been coping juggling your professional and personal photography? Xavier: Up until recently, I had neglected my own photography. Having just moved out, I had to... Read More