House Ain’t A Home

As many of you noticed, The Winston Pub is slowly starting to revive itself. Evidence of this was the recent Truth and It’s Burden show with Brainwreck, Provider and We Were Archers. A hardcore show, at The Winston, with more than a handful of people? Rejoice people for there are still good days to come! Russell Grant shares his thoughts on the night.     The Winston Pub is in the take off phase of its revival. The most dangerous... Read More

Brutal Summer Sweat Onslaught

Saturday night saw Burn hosting what probably was it’s last “hardcore” show ever, Brutal Summer Sweat Onslaught 3. Will Edgcumbe reviews the show and discusses taking criticism in small scenes. It’s no easy thing reviewing a hardcore show in Durban. It comprises a small group of guys and girls who generally get along with and respect each other, which is great in terms of support for bands, but it means that any words that pass... Read More