Win Free Entry to T-Party!

We’re giving away FREE entry to two of you kief okes and okettes to this Saturday’s T-Party at Unit 11. It’s only 40 bucks and it’s just after pay day, but who doesn’t dig being on the list? To win, just tell us how you like your tea. Entries close at Midnight this Thursday (6th October)  Read More

Shadowclub w/City Bowl Mizers

On Friday night, hometown heroes , City Bowl Mizers played with frequent out-of-town visitors, Shadowclub at Unit 11. Russel Smith reviews the show. There was a music festival on. The weather wasn’t great. And in this town, with those factors, a realist would have to admit that a gig on Friday night might not be that well attended as it should be. Then just like this town, it turned out not to be the case at all. I don’t know if I just recognised... Read More

Pretty Blue Guns w/Coals of Juniper 2

If you disagreed with Russel Smith review, you’re in luck, we have a second opinion. Ry Short laments on his 800 words… 800 words. Count ‘em. Eight hundred. it’s not a lot. It’s shorter than the average uni essay and a hell of a lot less than those guys on Mahala get given. So when I was asked to do a write up of Saturday night’s show at Unit 11 and given an 800 word limit I wasn’t too fazed. 100 words on the venue, 200... Read More

Pretty Blue Guns w/Coals of Juniper

It’s a two for Tuesday review day. Don’t ask me how it happened, but it seems we got two of the most negative bastards to review the Pretty Blue Guns show at Unit 11 on Saturday. First up, here’s what Russel Smith had to say. It’s a Saturday night, and where else is there to go to get shit-faced in good company and listen to music that won’t make you violently sick on yourself? Depending on your taste, a few places, but I opted... Read More

Isochronous Inscape Launch 2

As we stated in the previous post, Isochronous were here on Saturday to launch their Inscape album. This is Matt Knight’s take on the evening. Living in Durban for our collective adolescence, we got a little used to what one could call limited options. Gateway or The Pavilion. Town or Umhlanga. English or Zulu. Florida rd or Davenport. Surf with sharks or Support The Sharks. Heck, even our seasons are limited to two; we only really have ‘Summer’... Read More

Isochronous Inscape Launch

On Saturday, Isochronous pulled in to our city yet again, this time to launch their latest album, Inscapes. We had two reviewers there and decided to make the most of it by, well, doing two reviews. Russell Grant’s is first up with some warm beer and good times after the jump.     I’m at Unit 11 the second week in a row to review a second album launch by an established South African band. First was The Dirty Skirts, whose review... Read More

Take Array

Last Wednesday night, Unit 11 played host to the first ever Take Array night, which was essentially a Pecha Kucha for students. Stathi Kougianos tells us more about it. The brain child of Take Array Night is Zwelisha Giampietri, a Vega student in her final year, who has created a platform for young creative students to showcase their ideas and opinions, offering short visual presentations with an opportunity for the audience to give their feedback... Read More

The Dirty Skirts at Unit 11

Yes, we know, we cover Unit 11 events  A LOT. Why is this? you ask. Is it because we’re lazy? Is it because we really, really like it there? Is it because it’s one of the few venues throwing decent parties on a regular basis? Some combination of these probably makes up the answer. By Russell Grant   The Dirty Skirts played at Unit 11 on Saturday night. It was their album launch (the album is called ‘Lost in the Fall’). There were no... Read More

Anna Savage

Anna Savage is the epitome of what we believe in here at DIY. The woman is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and so Bob Perfect chatted to her about the many projects she’s been involved in and how to combat Durban apathy. You’ve been all over the world, how’d you make your way back to Durban. Anna: After school I went to London for 2 years, lived and worked there. I then travelled around the world for another year and a half. I landed up... Read More

Durban Apathy Strikes Again

Durban’s own Matthew Savides is angry. And he has reason to be. He paid a visit to the Musical Comedy hosted at Unit 11 recently in Stamford Hill road and discovered Durban apathy is unfortunately alive and well. Here’s how it all went down… I woke up angry on Thursday morning. To be honest, I went to bed angry on Wednesday night. And it was Durban’s fault. Let me tell you the story… On Wednesday night at about 8.30pm I headed to Unit11... Read More

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