Black Math

In the relatively short time Black Math have been together, they’ve been making big waves in the Durban scene and with good reason too. A rock ‘n roll outfit that draws from previous generations but injects their own youthful testerone into the mix, they’re here to bring back balls and depth to music. We chatted to them about being a young band and where they see themselves going with all this.   DIY: First of all, who are... Read More

Win Free Entry To Push!

There’s a new party in town but with a familiar feel. Push is going down this Friday at The Willowvale Hotel and features the best DJ’s from I Heart Durban, Unit 11 and NoNoNo!!! It’s gonna be less of a foot stomping, fist pumping kind of jol and more of a hip swinging and booty shaking get together with a mix of Indie, Punk, Alternative, Electro, Dubstep and Funk blasting through the speakers. If you’re tired of hearing remixes... Read More

KONGOS and Anti-Retro Vinyls

As anyone that has turned on MK in the last month knows, KONGOS are touring our fine country. Friday night saw them playing to a packed Unit 11 crowd with Anti-Retro Vinyls. Russell Grant reviews the show.   The Anti-Retro Vinyls recently changed their name from The Otherwise, because it was shared by a band in the states. It was under this title that they were playing when I last saw them at Burn some years ago. I enjoyed them then; they had... Read More

T.H.O.T.S and D’urban Knights

Wednesday night saw Prodigal  Sons, T.H.O.T.S, returning to their home town. Joining them on the bill were new comers to the Hip-Hop scene, D’urban Knights. Luke Smith reviews the night at Unit 11.   “Are Spitmunky playing?” It was a question I’d been asking myself for the last 15 minutes, searching for someone who could answer it. When finally presented with the person who could, I wasn’t surprised (or upset for... Read More


 Last Thursday was the last Cake or Death at Unit 11 and was aptly titled: DEATH. Bob Perfect reviews the wake of a venue that has made its way into the hearts of Durban’s live music scene.   Cake or Death was a weekly acoustic gig held on Thursday nights at Unit 11 that showcased Durban’s generally gentler talent. But like the Eddie Izzard joke that the gig was named after suggests, once the cake runs out, all that is left is Death.... Read More

Win Free Entry To Isochronous and Strage!

This show is going to be awesome. Trust us. And you know what’s going to be more awesome? 10 of you are going to be rolling in for free.   You read right, TEN of you.   All you have to do to win is tell us what the latest Isochronous album is called. The competition ends at midnight on Sunday the 4th of December    Read More

Win Free Entry To Strage and Coals of Juniper!

  We’re giving away free entry to 2 individuals to the Strage and Coals of Juniper show at Unit 11 this Saturday. Both bands have made steez and are fully instrumental so you won’t have any vocalists getting in the way of some good music. To win, just name a previous band that any of the members of either band have been in. You can probably find an answer on their facebook pages, check out Strage’s page here and Coal of Juniper’s... Read More

Julian Redpath at Unit 11

After going on a musical adventure to England for a couple weeks, Matt Knight returns home to Durban to catch yet another world class performance, this time at Unit 11 by Julian Redpath.   I’m a big believer that folk music is the most honest and exposing of all the genres.  What I mean is that it is fairly hard to get away with shallow lyrics, okay-ish concepts or mediocre musicianship with the amount of open space and sensitivity that exists... Read More

Catlike Thieves and Taxi Violence

On Saturday night, Bob Perfect watched local act Catlike Thieves and Cape Town favourites Taxi Violence at Unit 11. He left feeling uninspired, here’s why.   On Sunday night I watched a movie called The Last Hitman. It stars nobody you know and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re looking to procrastinate writing a review.   The name is quite deceptive, since it’s quite clear from the first ten minutes that the antagonist... Read More

Unit 11 Gig Guide.

The cats from Unit 11 have made your party planning there for the next month a bit easier with this Gig Guide. In reference to Jeff Wall’s ‘Destroyed Room‘ , ST(E)AK created his own destroyed room out of Unit 11. Feel free to download it and make sure you highlight your favourite bands and parties so you don’t miss out on some great nights.    Read More

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