Win Free Entry To PH Fat This Friday!

Girl, we love you so much (Jump mother fucker etc.), which is why we’re giving four of you free entry to PH Fat’s gig at Origin this Friday thanks to Uber Cool.   There’s no chance you haven’t heard of these dudes before, so it’d be redundant to talk them up to you. You know they destroy the Engine Room every time they’re here and you know you wanna go, preferably for free.   “How do we win?”... Read More

Win Free Entry To Raveageddon!

  Take a look around you. The world is in turmoil, it’s the bad days, the all or nothing days. So, what can you do? Worry? Sign a petition? Post a Facebook status? Or embrace it and welcome the end with open arms this Friday at Raveageddon. GMT and Uber Cool have teamed up to lay Origin to rubble with an eclectic line-up to say the least. Headroom will be coming up from Cape Town to bring Psy Trance his stylings to the Engine Room and... Read More

Drawn Together

In our latest attempt to outsource our content production, we got a couple party goers at Sedge Warbler’s gig at Origin on Friday to draw us their night. We’re Avant-Garde as fuck. Here’s Friday night, in pictures, by you. Spoiler alert: Drunk people can’t draw for shit.  Read More

Win Free Entry To Sedge Warbler At Origin!

This Friday, Origin will play host to Uber Cool’s usual bass filled madness with special guests, Sedge Warbler. They’re no strangers to the Engine Room and have been known to make the walls drip with sweat. If you’re not familiar with the bird that never sings the same song twice, you can give them a listen below.   Now that you’ve got a taste of what you’re in for, you have the chance of hitting the jol for free. We’re... Read More

Win Free Entry To Kids On Bass!

With Thursday being a public holiday, we know you’ll be looking to get your groove on on Wednesday night. Heat City Nights and Uber Cool have teamed up to bring you a midweek banger at Live with ten of Durban’s finest DJ’s on two dancefloors.   We want you to come party with us which is why we’re giving away free entry to four bass loving kids. Since Thursday is Woman’s Day, to win, tell us what you love about women.... Read More

Sibot at Origin

We know this review is late, but Sibot’s performance at Origin on the 16th of December was too good to let it slide. Bob Perfect does his best at reviewing the show.   I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to electronic music, I’m not the most clued up guy. It’s no secret that I prefer guitar driven music and hip hop because I generally find them to be more expressive. So when I glanced over the line-up for Friday night’s... Read More

Win Free Entry To PH Fat at Origin!

  PH Fat will be back in town tomorrow night, and thanks to Uber Cool, we’re giving away free entry to the show for one of you and a partner. To win, just answer the following question: Where are Uber Cool having their pool party on Sunday? The answer will be on Facebook, happy hunting. Competition closes 12pm Friday 25th of November.  Read More

Win Free Entry To Origin This Friday!

This Friday at Origin is set to be an absolute banger and since the ous at Uber Cool are so kief, they’ve given us two sets of double guest list spots to check Narch and Niskerone play some fat beats. They’ll be supported by Durban’s bass heroes Night Vision and Veranda Panda and entry costs R60 before 11pm. But you don’t need to worry about that since you’re about to win free entry for you and your betty/boet . We’re... Read More

Bass Thugs 2

Friday night saw Origin hosting volume 2 of Bass Thugs featuring Cape Town favourites, P.H. Fat. Bob Perfect nods his head but doesn’t get down like an animal. I walked into Origin on Friday night pretty amped for another Uber Cool event. I’m not much of a bass-head, but they usually throw a good party, and anyone that is going against the Top 40 mentality is okay in my books. The reason I was amped though, was that P.H. Fat had made the... Read More

Win Tickets to P.H Fat at Bass Thugs 2

We dig giving away free stuff, so hard. We also dig rewarding genuine fans, ous that dig an artist or band so hard that they know all their work and all the lyrics to the songs. That being said, we get to do both. We’re giving away 2 sets of 2 tickets to P.H Fat at Origin on Friday night thanks to the cats at Uber Cool. All you have to do to win is tell us your favourite line from P.H Fat’s album, Dinosuar Blood and what song that line... Read More

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