Hey Yoof! Here’s The Troof!: Project Reality Check

We know that it’s hard to know what’s true in this world, especially as a youth. Luckily for you though, we’ve got your back. We’ve managed to convince truthsayer extraordinaire, Skullboy, to fill you in on the troof, a slightly off center version of what everyone else has been telling you. Without further delay, here’s the first Hey Yoof! Here’s The Troof!     The first time I heard murmurings of this... Read More


This video interview with Skullboy by Shelly Nel about his You&Me exhibit popped up in our Tumblr feed and we had to share it with you guys. Skullboy fills you in on how it all came about and why.   Skullboy will be doing a walk through of his exhibit at the KZNSA tomorrow (1st September) at 14:30 for those of you that’d like to know more.  Read More

Richard Hart

Today marks our 50th interview here on DIY. To mark the occasion we chatted to Richard Hart, a man who many local designers look up to and who has been flying the flag high for Durban and putting this place on the creative map for years. Check it out.   DIY: How do you think your years travelling, and the time you arrived back in South Africa shaped you as a designer? Do you think because of the time period, 1994, and the fact that you were... Read More