Durban’s Day Out

  Our mates at Whizz Kids Radio Beta are doing something cool as fuck today. Some radio stations use the Durban name as a marketing tool without actually supporting Durban acts, not these guys. Today is Durban’s Day Out and all day long you’ll get to hear music from Heat City’s finest bands and DJ’s. So tune in to WKRB all day to hear some cool as fuck 031 tunes on a cool as fuck radio station. Check out linkage and the... Read More

Warming Up For Splashy Fen

Recent import from Cape Town, Eliza Day, gives us a fresh perspective on our hometown and reviews the Splashy Warm Up gig at new venue, Live. I was interested to see what Durban had to offer in the shape of a music scene after I moved here a couple months ago. Covering the Splashy Fen warm up show seemed like a  good place to get some insight into the goings on of the creative crowd, with a line up that consisted of something kinda new, Black... Read More

Sum 41 in Durban: Apocalypse Now?

Everyone seems to think that this week’s violent protests in London began with the murder of a young lad named Mark Duggan by police. We at Durban Is Yours, however, know better. We know the volatile boiling pot that forms when young people gather to drink beer and watch rock music. We now know what happens when said rock music is yanked so brazenly from their rain-drenched hands: A catastrophe with clearly global consequences. By Russell Grant   Much... Read More