Durban Interpreted

This year’s Interpret Durban was an absolute humdinger of a party. All that were there haven’t been able to shut up about it and neither has Bob Perfect, he shares his memories of the night with us after the jump.   Over the years the BAT Center has played host to some of the most memorable shows of my life and last Saturday, another hefty deposit was made into the memory bank. It felt good to return to the BAT Center for this year’s... Read More

7th Son, Nic Olsen, Nick Pitman and Roachy

The Collective is fast becoming the go to spot for acoustic shows and last week saw them hosting their first live gig of the year. Fuego Heat reviews a night that sees him in bed by 22:30. Having never been to any previous acoustic shows at The Collective I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. One thing I was sure of though, was in typical Durban fashion, the show would definitely not start at the Facebook stated 20h00. Maybe it was because of... Read More

Battle Of The Acoustics: Round 2

After being slightly disappointed by the outcome of the previous week’s heat of the Battle Of The Acoustics, Bob Perfect reviews Round 2 and is pleasantly surprised throughout the night.   We here at Durban is Yours are very professional. Which is why, when I arrived at The Collective, it was only half way through Nick Pitman’s first song. Judging by the second half of the song, I missed out. Before the gig, I had no idea who Nick Pitman... Read More

Battle Of The Acoustics: Round One

Monday night saw the collective trying an old idea with a new twist. A battle of the bands, but for acoustic acts only. Bob Perfect voices some grievances and the reviews the show.   I hate Battle of the Bands. Absolutely loathe them. The venues and organisers are usually the only ones who really benefit, and the best band winning is seldom. The bands are urged to market themselves to bring their own crowd to a gig that they don’t get paid... Read More

Movies-Mojitos-Mamma Luciana’s (Competition)

The Collective are hosting the perfect to start to Summer tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be featuring local comedic films by some of Durban’s up and coming film makers and serving Mojitos and Mamma Luciana’s pizza to enjoy in between laughs. It starts at 1pm with the first film being played at 2:15pm and should be done by 5pm. Check out the facebook event here for details. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.   Because... Read More

Freedom Posters at The Collective

The Collective have been home to some pretty cool vibes lately and tonight they launch the Freedom Posters Exhibition by Micheal Van De Meer.   Here’s what Micheal says about the exhibition: “Freedom Posters is based on a visual representation of how I have interpreted each of the persons freedom  or escape from the world -from traveling with no sense of direction to something as simple as bubbles. Each person in this world has... Read More

Follow Your Art

Resident DIY designer, Stathi Kougianos, shares his thoughts on the Follow Your Art exhibition at The Collective on Monday night. Photo: Chris da Canha ( As a designer, an art gallery is the perfect setting for silent judging. You can peruse the work at your own pace while thinking what you would have done better, what colours you would have used, what typeface would have been more effective and how you... Read More