Humans of Durban

This month HOD headed down to South Beach where they were given Hare Krishna pamphlets by a Jewish Muslim, talked up at the local bar, and confused the crap out of the Tafta residents. Enjoy.   “I live at Tafta. Are you Paula from Tafta? You look like Paula. Go take someone else’s picture.” “My family is in Malawi. I send them money every month. Hopefully I will visit them in January” “I get my inspiration... Read More


Grant Payne is a man of few words, usually all that can be heard from him is “Yeah man!” or “Filthy”, which is why he lets his photos do the talking. This month he cruises town with his iPhone, sneaks some partying in and gets Veranda Panda on the couch.   Check out last month’s Payne for more filth and drive by shootings and give Grant a like on Facebook if you dig his work. If you don’t, feel free... Read More

Still Free

Mookie Chapman recently took fine art to the streets by taking over the corner of Brook Street and Anton Lembede with his Still Free exhibition. Check out this short video by Kenneth Gwele which covers the exhibition and discusses the importance of taking art to the streets.      Read More