Top 10 of 2012: Bob Perfect

Bob here. I’m not going to pretend like I don’t write all of these and then have to refer to myself in the third person, again. That’d be egotistical. Instead I’ll just introduce you to my Top 10. Ladies and gents, I give you my top 10 photos of me in 2012. Enjoy.   10. DA TEAM by Russell Grant  In February, I got interviewed about DIY by and we needed a photo of the team. I remember getting us together was... Read More

Smash and Dash

Bob Perfect and Russell Grant hit up Smash and Dash last Friday to try and capture/partake in the madness. This was their night.   Varsity parties are special breed of a party. They have a sense of freedom and reckless abandon that clubs never allow, and house parties rarely truly achieve. UKZN’s Canoe Club somehow always manages to take that breeding and refine it into a genetically modified monster.   The club is well known for its... Read More