Durban’s Day Out

  Our mates at Whizz Kids Radio Beta are doing something cool as fuck today. Some radio stations use the Durban name as a marketing tool without actually supporting Durban acts, not these guys. Today is Durban’s Day Out and all day long you’ll get to hear music from Heat City’s finest bands and DJ’s. So tune in to WKRB all day to hear some cool as fuck 031 tunes on a cool as fuck radio station. Check out linkage and the... Read More

A night at the pub

Last week saw the stars aligning just perfectly for The Winston Pub to be the host of a rare occurrence these days, a Sibling Rivalry show. Bob Perfect gets all nostalgic and Kevin Goss-Ross brings you the visuals.   I met most of my friends and discovered my favourite bands at The Winston. Those couches that used to be where Origin’s entrance now is, spawned some of the most influential conversations and happiest memories of my life. It’s... Read More