Courage Party

Courage Party is always wild. Always. Russel Smith writes about Durban’s most sin filled party.   Lets play Spot The Guy On Drugs. Imagine the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you don’t know, Sodom was where anal sex was presumably invented and whatever Gomorrah was infamous for, it was so bad it’s been written out of the history books. Point is they were the twin cities that were destroyed for basically being too much fun. I bring... Read More

Go! Go! Bronco and Fruit and Veggies at Origin

A couple weeks back, Go! Go! Bronco and Fruit and Veggies played a show together at the most unlikely of venues, Origin. Russel Smith was there to document this strange occasion  Seems the Durban Punk and Hardcore scenes are vastly different from what they were, even from two years ago. It’s a fairly new thing to have bands play in a night club that is known for electronic music, but in Durban we aren’t as spoiled for choice in way of venues,... Read More

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