The DIY Guide To Partying Safely

With many, many years of joling under his belt, party veteran Russel Smith put together this list of Party Do’s and Don’ts to share with you up and coming party monsters. See, he cares.     As a show of love for the up and coming party monsters, and as a reminder to you tired old disco hags, I’ve put together a little list of how to party safely and successfully: Party with mates you trust. They will keep you safe, and you... Read More

Desmond Does Durban

Our favourite heathen, Russel Smith, returns to gigs and writing reviews for us, bands and ladies beware. He kicks off his return with a few choice words on Desmond and The Tutus recent gig at Live.     Having been out the of the loop on the live music front for a spell, it was a bittersweet reunion to find myself surrounded by familiar sweaty bodies and some new ones all eagerly anticipating the evening’s bill of entertainment at... Read More

Gerard Smith

Being a twin is a hard life, especially when Russel Smith is your brother but Gerard Smith has managed to make a name for himself despite the handicap. We chat to the ‘cleaner looking’ twin about life in apparel design and the pros and cons of being a Jack-of-all-trades. DIY: Who is Gerard Smith, what do you do and where can we find you between 8 and 5 on weekdays? Gerard: Gerard is Russel’s ‘cleaner looking’ twin brother, whom... Read More

DIY Does DIFF: Episode III

Just like Hollywood, we’re milking a good thing and presenting you with the third (okay, fourth, but the first one was a prequel) installment of DIFF reviews. Today, Russel Smith gets a look into the life of a deaf and blind man in Planet of Snail and Russell Grant gets taken into the psyche of a child whose father has abandoned him in The Kid with a Bike.   Planet of Snail reviewed by Russel Smith       I had no expectations... Read More

The Stellas Live Charge The Pub

The Stellas recently hit up the trusty Winston Pub for the launch of thier new EP, Live Charge. They were supported by local shredders Black Math and Catlike Thieves. Russel Smith reviews the show and chats to The Stella’s for a bit. I don’t think I’ve bothered to watch a Catlike Thieves show for two years. I can’t recall the reasons for my aversion to witnessing them play again, but they were strong enough to get me to shun them for... Read More

We Don’t Need No Water

There’s no doubting the impact Burn had on the Durban live music scene. Many of you that visit this site found refuge in its’ dark walls and many bands got to showcase their talents or lack thereof on Burn’s stage. Russel Smith writes an ode to the now dead venue. It would be wildly inaccurate to call Burn just a club. ‘Just a club’ doesn’t spawn and inspire countless bands, artists and collaborations. A normal club can’t... Read More

Danger! Danger! Disco

Friday night saw Burn fuller than it has been in ages, partially because people thought it was the last night the club would be open, but mostly because Avade, Cheap Bad Habits, Anti-Retro Vinyls and Shadowclub were bringing some much needed Rock ‘n Roll to the club. Russel Smith reviews the show.   Sweaty nights spent on Burn’s roof getting shit faced on crappy tasting shots between bands is a common experience among Durban’s live... Read More

Shadowclub w/City Bowl Mizers

On Friday night, hometown heroes , City Bowl Mizers played with frequent out-of-town visitors, Shadowclub at Unit 11. Russel Smith reviews the show. There was a music festival on. The weather wasn’t great. And in this town, with those factors, a realist would have to admit that a gig on Friday night might not be that well attended as it should be. Then just like this town, it turned out not to be the case at all. I don’t know if I just recognised... Read More

Pretty Blue Guns w/Coals of Juniper

It’s a two for Tuesday review day. Don’t ask me how it happened, but it seems we got two of the most negative bastards to review the Pretty Blue Guns show at Unit 11 on Saturday. First up, here’s what Russel Smith had to say. It’s a Saturday night, and where else is there to go to get shit-faced in good company and listen to music that won’t make you violently sick on yourself? Depending on your taste, a few places, but I opted... Read More

Bass Thugs

Last Friday the cats from Uber Cool introduced their new brand of party, Bass Thugs, and did what they do best, they threw a Bass heavy party featuring Sedge Warbler, Niskerone, Night Vision and Veranda Panda at Origin. Russel Smith whines a bit but then sees the light after the jump.   “At yet another dub-step party. Where did I go so wrong in my life? What choices did I make, or fail to make, that have brought me to this?” These deep thoughts... Read More

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