Top 10 of 2012: Alastair Laird

It’s been a big year for Alastair Laird, he got to offend countless people over and over, got paid, made a new friend and got a girlfriend. Here’s his top 10 of 2012.   10. The ‘Fluffy White Bunnies’ web comic strip by Bob and I At the beginning of the year I thought I hated Bob, his mates and his blog. Coz I didn’t know him, them, or it. We met at Columbo and he gave me free coffee on The Factory Café’s dime. A peace offering... Read More

Garth Walker

Today we chat to South African design legend and founder of iJusi, Garth Walker. We get his opinions on creating an African design language, big agencies vs small, personal vs corporate and the future of design.   DIY: You are considered one of the pioneers of developing a design language in Africa with the i-Jusi publication first being published in 1995 as the only experimental graphics magazine. Do you think this is a fair assessment? How... Read More

Ask DJ Fuego Heat

Life is full of questions. Questions like, “Should I get the broad bean or sugar bean bunny?”, “Which is the best whiskey for under R100?” and “When does buying her shots go from being friendly to date rapey?” Luckily for you, we’ve got a professional question answerer in the form of the always sensual, DJ Fuego Heat. The firey one answers your tough questions after the jump.   The Economy asks: Hi there DJ Feugo Heat, Do you remember... Read More

Michael Cross

As part of our DIFF coverage, Bob Perfect chats to local director, Michael Cross. Michael’s film, Rockstardom, is about a small town singer/songwriter Brendon Shields and is one that most DIY readers will probably want to check out at this year’s festival.   DIY: First off how did you come across Brendon Shields? Michael: I had a meeting with his publisher, we’d been friends years before but I hadn’t seen him for nearly 15 years... Read More