Glitch Odyssey

Why would we get someone who hates clubs and DJ’s to write a review on DJ’s at a club? Because they’re probably going to be a lot more honest in their review. Luke Smith hit Origin on Friday night to give a listen to Narch and Niskerone at Uber Cool’s Glitch Odyssey party.   I’m not a fan of nightclubs. I hate them, loathe them, put them on par with Crocs and popped collars. Sure, I enjoy alcohol, hanging out with... Read More

Win Free Entry To Origin This Friday!

This Friday at Origin is set to be an absolute banger and since the ous at Uber Cool are so kief, they’ve given us two sets of double guest list spots to check Narch and Niskerone play some fat beats. They’ll be supported by Durban’s bass heroes Night Vision and Veranda Panda and entry costs R60 before 11pm. But you don’t need to worry about that since you’re about to win free entry for you and your betty/boet . We’re... Read More

Bass Thugs 2

Friday night saw Origin hosting volume 2 of Bass Thugs featuring Cape Town favourites, P.H. Fat. Bob Perfect nods his head but doesn’t get down like an animal. I walked into Origin on Friday night pretty amped for another Uber Cool event. I’m not much of a bass-head, but they usually throw a good party, and anyone that is going against the Top 40 mentality is okay in my books. The reason I was amped though, was that P.H. Fat had made the... Read More

Win Tickets to P.H Fat at Bass Thugs 2

We dig giving away free stuff, so hard. We also dig rewarding genuine fans, ous that dig an artist or band so hard that they know all their work and all the lyrics to the songs. That being said, we get to do both. We’re giving away 2 sets of 2 tickets to P.H Fat at Origin on Friday night thanks to the cats at Uber Cool. All you have to do to win is tell us your favourite line from P.H Fat’s album, Dinosuar Blood and what song that line... Read More

Bass Thugs

Last Friday the cats from Uber Cool introduced their new brand of party, Bass Thugs, and did what they do best, they threw a Bass heavy party featuring Sedge Warbler, Niskerone, Night Vision and Veranda Panda at Origin. Russel Smith whines a bit but then sees the light after the jump.   “At yet another dub-step party. Where did I go so wrong in my life? What choices did I make, or fail to make, that have brought me to this?” These deep thoughts... Read More