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We’ve mentioned it a couple times before, but just to make sure we’re clear on our position on the matter: we really dig Aweh.tv. We even did an interview with the founder, Ollie Walker, because we were like “Yeah, that’s fucking cool.” They also kinda dig us, which is rad, cause it means that from time to time, we’ll be swapping and sharing content. This is one of those times. Up on Aweh at the moment is this... Read More

Ollie Walker

¬†Today we’re changing up the artist interview a bit. Bob Perfect interviewed Ollie Walker, a Durbanite living in Seoul who created Aweh.Tv. Bob chats to Ollie about creativity, collaboration and nude photography. ¬© Greg Chabrol DIY: First off is an obvious one: How did Aweh.TV come about? Ollie: After purchasing a DSLR I moved up to Seoul with the intention of starting a video blog. It’s there that I met a whole array of creative and... Read More